Samsung Gear S Smartwatch In Everyday Test

5 million dollars-the lover has to look at the table if he wants to call the “ Big Bang $ 5 Million”from Hublot. The world’s most expensive watch is less a functional or at least aesthetic miracle. Time read, but not more. Except perhaps the marvel of the 1,282 diamonds used.

The new Samsung Smartwatch Gear S, which has some groundbreaking technologies, such as its own SIM card and curved display, is clearly more functional and therefore worlds cheaper. In addition, the Tizen Smartwatch is designed for sports tracers, contact management, music players and even small games. Whether she can justify the currently quite high price of 345, -Euro or whether she still has the one or other ass in the sleeve, our practice test will show.


Accessory That Protects The Fingernails

When unboxing a notebook , smartphone ortablet, I know what I’m expecting. But what is the content of a Smartwatch carton? First, there is not too much space for bulging accessories, since the packaging of the  Gear S is  similar to that of a classic watch, just Samsung-typical recycled cardboard.

In the inside of the package, I am naturally welcomed by the Gear S. In the inside box I find a charging cable (from a cast and not as usual with smartphones divided into USB cable and power supply), a warranty and an installation folder as well as a small mother of pearl color Plastic lever with which I can open the SIM card cover without fear around my fingernails (sic).

In addition, presents itself to me a strangely designed, arched loading tray with five contacts matching the Smartwatch back. Since the battery of the  Gear S  at this time anyway is to zero, I set the charge tray but once. To do this, I snapped it on a small tab on the lower, back edge of the Samsung watch and then simply click into the top tab.

So far, so intuitive. Charging cable still connect and now it’s first wait. After a good 2 hours, the Samsung Gear S can finally no longer press before the performance test.

First Impression

Visually Appealing & Moderately Compact

With the look and feel, I can  s.der Gear S  first little complain. Visually, the curved display with its silver circular edge and the one-button control unit is striking. The display surface is pleasantly smooth, disturbing corners and edges were elegantly circumnavigated.

With only a small transition, the black plastic bracelet, which appears sufficiently flexible, closes. The closure is a watch-type metal clasp closure, which needs to be used for some time and has to engage with sufficient pressure.

To match as many wrist sizes as possible, the bracelet offers 10 holes for the buckle, which I can adjust to the desired degree with just a few hand movements. To do this, I simply have to unclamp the metal nose, move the buckle up to the desired hole, and re-insert the nose. So I quickly get the desired fit and can now carry the watch from day to day comfortably on the wrist.

By the way, I carry 67 grams on my arm from now on. This does not sound too much and is in comparison with some classic clock within the framework of the acceptable. However, the form factor can not be underestimated, because with a good 40 times 58 by 12.5 millimeters, the Smartwatch is not necessarily filigree and should be on the one or other wrist certainly too clunky and impractical.


Initial Setup With Hurdles

Optically top and haptically acceptable, the  Gear S  now has to pair with my smartphone and as it turns out, the Samsung Smartwatch is a diva in the worst sense of the word. If you believe, like me, blue-eyed means that any Android smartphone can be linked to the Smartwatch somehow, is soon confronted with a disappointing reality: The Samsung Gear Sdoes not understand my Sony Xperia Z1 and beyond just with As current Samsung devices .

I have tried it and the Gear Manager APK from the net loaded – the Samsung App-Store is not available to me on Sony and only there I get the mandatory manager. The first APK transposes around 12 more files on my smartphone during the installation, after that I can start the Gear Manager and find in fact the  Gear S  as an available device. The coupling, however, does not work out partway, and the following hours of painstaking attempts and trials do not change.

Supposedly clever, as I’m guessing, I try my luck thereafter with my Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition . Here I download the Gear Manager from the Samsung App Store and start the Bluetooth-based search for available devices. Nothing happens. My Samsung Tablet finds the Smartwatch synonymous in the twentieth attempt, the  Gear S  zickt synonymous with in-house Androids rum.

Experiment 3 is  to equip the  Gear S simply times with a nanoSIM and to see if that changes.Since the nanoSIMs have just gone out, I am satisfied with a right sized microSIM. After all, I now get the clock displayed. On pairing does not change however.

I finally have no choice but to lend me a Samsung Galaxy S5 and try again. And there, the Gear S  is so gracious to recognize their indispensable smartphone superiors. On the other hand, I really do not really feel like the Samsung-Smwartwatch and its exclusivity.


Gear Manager, Customization & Own App Store

Without a grip on the Gear Manager does not go much from now on. However, this offers numerous features to set up the  Gear S  and expand with apps . A special App-Store with special applications tailored to the Samsung Smartwatch is also on board, which offers me a good basic selection from the “Die Welt” -ticker to small racing games. Many of the apps are, however, paid for.

Whether it’s through the manager or directly at the  Gear S , there are plenty of options to customize the clock, and some are urgently needed to make up for the somewhat crude first interface appearance. So I buy the Samsung Smartwatch once a more handsome digits sheet and set the font size from “medium” to “small”, which significantly reduces the Comic-Sans effect and the Tizen surface appears significantly more valuable.

After WLAN and Bluetooth set-up, the communication between the watch and the smartphone also functions smoothly and smoothly, but it must be kept in mind that the clock can not do anything that I would not have brought with it from the smartphone. For the mail receipt must thus the accounts synchronized and a WLAN connection is present, then I can at least my messages, although not answer. Facebook and WhatsApp communication are alien to the clock.


Strong Display & Average Battery

The best thing about  Gear S  is undoubtedly the display. Already the bent shape because of the 2-incher neat impression and the touch-operation has convinced me. So I like to wipe even more left, right, up or down to the news, to the musicplayer, to the sport tracker or to my app overview. Especially the “Die Welt” -Ticker has done to me, which informs both in word and in picture on crisply 360 times 480 pixels. Only with the loading time of the apps the 1-gigahertz two-handed could increase, because 5 to 10 seconds are clearly too long for an application start.

Speaking of application: The  Gear S  responds to movements, depending on the setting, so that the display shows the watch as I wish, if I turn the wrist accordingly. A shame is that the screen also starts with many other movements and the time is often reloaded. Here, too, two seconds pass by, until the time is right.

The frequent display-on affects of course also on the battery and I have to say honestly: The running times indicated by the manufacturer of approximately 2 days with normal use are neatly beside it. I loaded the gear over night and created 100 percent battery charge at the beginning of the day. 16 hours later I checked with normal use with here-times-mails and times-an-app test at 80 percent display brightness still 10 percent battery power left over-for this kind tool clearly too little. I would really not have much interest in entrusting the clock to my day planning, to make a phone call or use it as a reliable timepiece. Fortunately, the charging station at least an additional storage unit, with which I can charge the Samsung Smartwatch on the road a bit.

Audio Features

Phone & Listen To Music With The Samsung Gear S

That the Samsung Smartwatch can accommodate a nanoSIM, I have already mentioned above. In addition to the possibility of the Gear S so to spend their own data tariff (to 3G), theWearable also allows me also phone calls without smartphone. For this I can access the built-in microphone and the integrated speakers. That works quite well in quiet environments and both sides understand the opposite quite well. However, there is no privacy in such talks.Alternatively, I connect via Bluetooth a headset and telephone so completely undisturbed.Finally, the feature remains however no more than a nice gimmick, because as I absolutely need a smartphone to use the Gear S and above all its communication deficits (Facebook, WhatsApp), I do not synonymous need the Smartwatch to talk on the phone. My phone does not replace it.

What’s more, the speakers can also play music directly from the Smartwatch. So I set up directly on the  Gear S  , whether my songs on the smartphone or the gear should be reproduced. As a memory I can use the 4 gigabytes of the gear or the files simply stream from the Samsung smartphone. Functional is all very nice and the widget surface is pleasantly clear. But above all the playback on the gear does not really make sense due to the weak speaker performance.

Everyday Tools

Software, Tools & Apps In Everyday Life

While I did not have much to complain about the stability and performance of the Tizen software during the test, some pre-installed components lacked meaning and functionality.For example, the Gear S presents me   with such a small QWERTZ keyboard when entering the WLAN password, which should bring every coarse motorist to white heat.

Smartwatch is also only convincing in the health sector. Thus, the pulse meter meets its target with only a few senses and provides with the first attempts at the same time no result. Even the deeper meaning of the sleep tracker did not open up to me, because apart from the fact that the battery is already sleeping in the Sleeping Sleep and Recharging Sleep, I would like with the best will not with such a large and also somehow Sensitive accessory at the wrist.

Last but not least I felt the gaming on the wrist and on the small display as little exciting. Most of the games are quite demanding and exciting and the operation was affected by the arched display. More than a gimmick is not that, too, so I only remember the great “Die Welt” ticker as a sensible smartwatch application.


Up To The Display Little Convincing

The best thing I can do with the Positiva is that the Samsung Gear S is particularly convincing in its design and proves to be a benchmark in terms of display, resolution and image quality.The operating comfort in general is fine and the functional diversity of the Samsung Smartwatch must reach the competitors first.

Unfortunately, many of the features are not necessarily useful or are still too much in the children’s shoes. It certainly takes two to three generations to develop before a coherent concept emerges. Until then, the current Gear S is upset   with setup arrogance, unacceptable compatibility, mediocre app functionality, and poor battery performance.

So I would like to have the Samsung Smartwatch neither as a wearable wearable, as a smartphone extension or stand alone watch. And even less, I would like to invest the current 345, -Euro. A pity, because on the paper everything was extremely spectacular.


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