Samsung Galaxy Note7: Samsung Stops Deliveries * UPDATE *

Actually the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will be sold in Germany tomorrow. Some pre-buyers already have the device already in their hands and look forward to their new smartphone. But as it may, the (pre) joy can be a bit clouded. Because apparently the Galaxy Note 7 has accumulated problems, which is why the delivery of the devices to the dealers was stopped. Globally, the rechargeable batteries should be exploded at about eight units. Update: This says Samsung to the Note 7 battery.

Are All Devices Affected?

Sources from South Korea report on at least two exploded devices. ZDNet, on the other hand, relies on anonymous sources and assumes about eight devices whose batteries did not cope with the charge. Samsung is already preparing a message to its customers, which is warning of the explosion.Whether the cases are defective batteries or chargers is still to be clarified by phonecations. The quick-charging function could also be a source of error. In addition, Samsung employees are working to find out if all the Galaxy Note 7 devices that have been shipped have to be recalled, or whether the callback of a part is sufficient.

Cause Research At Samsung

Reuters Samsung has already explained that according to the reported cases of exploded devices new quality tests are to take place. All relevant components of the smartphones are examined and tested under realistic conditions. Then one would also find out whether the batteries themselves are inferior, or whether the quick charge function does not produce too much heat. So far, there is no reliance on pure speculation. Samsung is now doing everything possible to locate the source of the error and to correct the defect as quickly as possible.

Information Instead Of Presentation?

At the IFA in Berlin an unpacked event is scheduled to take place, on which the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will be presented. This should be a bit sober for the time being. It becomes informative in any case. Samsung will continue to do everything it can to prevent its customers from compromising and deliver all important information immediately.

Important Update From Samsung To Note 7 Battery

Samsung has responded to the problems with the Note 7 battery and announced at Facebook that customers who already own a Galaxy Note 7 can have this free of charge. If you count yourself to the buyers who already hold the good piece, you can use the following form to make an exchange:
►►► Galaxy Note 7 Web Form ◄◄◄

Analyzes of the batteries run on high speed

Currently, the manufacturer estimates the affected devices on 35 cases worldwide (as of 1 September). Samsung is working under high pressure to analyze the cause of the Galaxy Touch 7’s accumulation problem. The security of the customers in the handling of the smartphone stands for the enterprise in the first place. Please contact Samsung if you are unsure whether your note might be affected by the problem.