Samsung and Ice Watch Collaborate on Smartphone

Who the brand Samsung smartphones so far not colorful are enough, might enjoy this news: the South Korean electronics maker has announced a partnership with the manufacturer of trendy ice watches. Together, one wool develop no Smartwatch, but colourful mobile devices in the lower price segment and thus attract a young purchaser. Also cheap tablets with colorful painting be possible in addition to smartphones, which will capture the market as a trendy “ice phones”.

Smartphones and Tablets in the Styles of Trendy Wrist Watch

The pop watches ice watch, which are sold in brightly coloured Lego-like packaging, are currently very popular especially among young people. While they fall up enormously with its colourful design and the striking case, the Smartphones and tablets of the brand of Samsung are far more reserved by jibin123. Especially compared to devices of Nokia Lumia series Samsung smartphones seem quite clear. This could be changing thanks to the cooperation with ice watch, however.

Visually, the joint mobile units to commemorate the popular watches according to media reports. In addition the ‘ice phones’ aimed at manufacturing and tablets silicone used come, so that the mobile devices also haptically appear like the rugged wrist watches. As Android next speculated that there might be an entry level smartphone at the price of 100 euros and an in ranked version at the price of 200 euros.

Samsung Focuses on Youthful Images

For the electronics group, it is not the first collaboration with a company from another industry. Previously, they collaborated with Giorgio Armani, Ferrari and Swarovski. In all these cases however concerned products with a luxurious coat. Ice watch cooperation, Samsung proposes therefore a completely new way.