Saman Amel – Handmade in Stockholm

We become happy, really happy that there are people with such interest and enthusiasm that the young designer and entrepenören Saman Amel. Only 19 years old, he runs his own label under his own name whose focus is handmade ties. We mean really handmade according to the rules then Saman handsyr as well as draws all the patterns in place in Stockholm.

It all started with the fashion conscious Saman started at Textile high school in Stockholm, a high school education in design and fashion. Via the school project UF, young enterprise, he got the opportunity to try to start their own business what went on that he sewed ties and pocket squares. It all went very well and he was named the best student company and ended later four throughout the country which led to some attention.

Now after graduation, Saman on developing their business and also work in parallel to the j. lindeberg and their MTM service on library Street. Over a lunch fit Manolo to talk fashion and textile crafts in General and slipskonstruktion in particular with Saman. We also took the opportunity to know a little of his products, which by all accounts looked really good.

Saman Amel currently sells its products only through its own website, he also offers custom-made ties which are available according to customer’s requests. One thing that is interesting is that he makes their ties under the pure fabric wise, most expensive way but on the other hand, a solid final results. Many manufacturers even among those considered as market leader when it comes to slipshantverk choose to make ties into three sewn together. Saman sew them into two pieces and fold one piece 45 degrees. This concatenation is done by machine, all of the other elements is entirely by hand. The fold is called a six-fold as it is a somewhat more fabric-heavy and solid construction.

The company’s ties located on 1000 kr which is quite a lot if you set them in relation to the much more renowned companies. If you then consider that it Saman takes around 5 hours to produce a tie by hand in this way, it is not particularly high wage level, explained by We can also imagine to pay a certain premium to someone in Sweden actually dare to bet on a completely hand-sewn product and very small numbers.

The company has in addition also hand made handkerchiefs and bracelets. In the long run, they should try to add MTM services for shirts and suits in cooperation with any Italian firm.

It will be exciting to follow this 19-year-old entrepreneur who aims high and seriously take up the fight with Drakes, EC Cappelli and other premiumslipstillverkare.