Safari and Military Look: the Fashion Trend Leads Back to the Nature

It goes to the boho chic and the sporty chic with today’s fashion trend back to nature: because it is the focal point of the Safari and military looks. Both styles are very similar and are also often called utility chic (English: ‘utility’, German: “Usefulness, usability”)-a mode, which is useful and usable. Because it’s about how women themselves can penetrate in the wilderness. The spectrum of this fashion trend ranges from the embattled Amazon to nature-loving adventurer. Therefore, the clothes of this style served alike of the fashionable elements of military uniforms and equipment by jungle expeditions. Even if you are moving only in the urban jungle, if this style suits your Style personality , then I have the most important basics and accessories to look today for you.

The fashionable elements of the military and Safari looks

The colours of nature set the tone.

One of the most important style elements of the military and Safari looks is its typical colours. Soldiers must disguise themselves and also jungle researchers better access to mud, stone, Khaki -, ecru – and earth tones when they stalk on the subject of their observations. The colours of nature are ubiquitous and combines are expertly mixed with Offwhite and various neutral Greige (gray with beige).

Color tip

Although mostly warm tones are in this color range, so you can implement the Safari – or military-style as a cool color type , if you just care in grey, green and brown tones to take the cooler tones of the color scale.

Materials are natural or natural.

The closeness to nature is also reflected in the fabric choice. This is determined by silk, linen, cotton Poplin, leather or Tencel. It is especially important that the substance on the skin feels. Scratchy materials or sweaty synthetics are no match for the high demands of the jungle or the Schützengraben – high-tech coatings or finishes that make durable or weatherproof clothing, however.

Animal prints lead the pattern leader board.

Wants to break up the woman not in the wilderness, she repeated the wild animal world just on the clothes. Leo-Print, snakes pattern, zebra stripes, Croc or giraffe spots animal print runs through all items of clothing and accessories. Like’s may be also printed fur, that is to find the bags or belts on shoes.

Patten-, valves and bellows pockets create storage space.

Whether in combat or jungle tour – people need to take much, if you’re adventurous. The best utensils can be stored and are quickly at hand if they are worn directly on the body in bags. These must be spacious in the first place, often well closed. Large pockets or – even better – bellow pockets with button closure, flap or buckles – this comfort. You will find yourself, for example, on cargo pants or Safari jackets and vests, as well as breast pockets on shirts or shirt dresses and even skirts.

Figure tip

At this point, I want to give you even a small figurative tip for typical pockets of the Safari – or military style:

The bigger and more voluminous the bags fall out on your garment, the more is the piece to the corresponding area of the body.

This could be for very small or strong women be problematic. For women with small breasts , such bags in the chest area but are worth gold. And for sleek, larger women or for women with very straight waistline, like the H-figure type, it can be very beneficial to place larger, more voluminous pockets at chest, as well as in the Hüftzone to simulate more branch curvature. Y character types in turn should position only at the hips or including such bags and A figure women only above the waist.

Belt with buckle and shoulder bolt type structure.

The Safari – or military-style belt with a wide variety of buckles made of fabric, leather or fur are typical. They are often woven or braided, and fitted with metal eyelets. The other, more convenient cut garments being held so the body and figure. The filled bags (see above) make difficult the garment and it needs extra strength through a compact belt. Often, the belt is even to the holding device. For example, remember the fashion classic trench coat: the belt has typical metal rings, grenades, ammunition etc. could be moored where originally.

There are also the traditional military uniform shoulder tabs as another typical element of fashion. The military rank insignia are attached to these on the one hand, on the other hand caps can be attached there, if they are not currently supported. Also many Safari shirts have this military element. A nice side-effect – which is not undesirable certainly also in the soldiers – is the fact that the shoulders are accentuated and formed shoulder bolt.

Figure tip

Both belts with buckles and shoulder tabs, result in a strong structure that forms the upper body to a V – broad shoulders, narrow waist. This is not only a male very desirable silhouette, but also for women with small or sloping shoulders and narrow waist or with a little waist a blessing. Therefore, this note above all to women with A figure and slimmer women goes with H figure…

The double row button bar is wide and strong.

Inspired by military uniforms many blazers and jackets are in the military looks for eye-catching design, BIREME button plackets are equipped. Which serves the decoration, a stressed but also the width of the upper body – probably originally to impress the enemy with a broad chest. So if you see a jacket, which in parallel or in a slight gradient button bar has V-shaped and their Knöpfe also still noticeable Shimmer in gold or silver, you will face a military-inspired piece of clothing.

The typical basics and accessories of the Safari and military looks

At the latest since the Tarzan episodes in the television should most be clear what looks like typical Safari clothing. And also of military uniforms, you certainly have a good idea. For Safari or military look (but please not all together!) use the following basics and accessories:

  • Shirt blouse with voluminous chest flap pockets and shoulder bars in a natural tone (also made of suede)
  • Vest or jacket with bellows pockets on chest and hip, with belt (also army parka)
  • Jeans – or (wild) leather jacket in a Sergeant pepper style with thin gold buttons
  • Trench coat
  • double-breasted linen Blazer (with belt)
  • Cargo pants (style in khaki)
  • Shorts or Bermuda shorts with pleats and other leg
  • calf Culottes with flashy belt buckle (see also the contribution to Culottes!)
  • Shirt dress with belt (with details like the shirt blouse top)
  • Woven or braided belt with buckle, D-ring CAP or belt coupling, as well as from Leo, snake or crocodile
  • flat sneakers or lace-up shoes
  • Sandals with a firm sole and wide belts in crocodile, snake and co.
  • ankle high lace-up shoes (or combat boots)
  • Belt bag
  • big, bulbous Hobo bag, Messenger bag, or hunting bag (wild) leather, snake, crocodile or fur
  • long chain with Tiger tooth pendant or dog tag
  • Braided bracelet made of leather and/or Leo fur or leather, or with buckle
  • Brooches or pins in the style of military orders to the band
  • Suede hat in the Crocodile Dundee style or fabric hat in the style of Safari

As this look at the materials and colors are so important, the list could be very long continue. Because actually each piece of clothing or accessory could receive immediately the Safari – or military-touch, color and material are and it has also one of the typical fashionable items.

You can style a simple shirt dress in a natural tone immediately with a belt in Leo’s skin and with a long chain tooth pendant with flat strappy Sandals to the Safari-style. A cargo pants in khaki with a long chain with dog tag is sufficient to an outfit with simple to after an adventurous look linen Blazer, gray T-Shirt and sneakers. And held a slim suede pants, along with a silk blouse in the Leo-print, also with otherwise very simple accessories – a modern Jungle Queen can mutate.

As always: introduce the fashionable elements of the Safari – or military style only in the same dose in your outfit that you are not covered. The all-over look makes you quickly to the fashion victims.

If you are otherwise more combative, exotic or but rather naturally want to give completely depends on your personal taste. I personally wear linen dresses, which are ever held with a Leo fur belt in bridle, for example, like. This dash of jungle sufficient me. However, I love shirts with breast pockets and shoulder bars I say no. Because these details give more structure to my upper body and fit to my beloved androgynous style facet. And a Basic wardrobe without trenchcoat doesn’t with me…

How is this you? What details of the Safari – or military-looks you like and use regularly? I look forward to your preferences!