Romantic Collection – Enamels Impala Winter

The Impala is one of the leading national brands of glazes. That’s why every time there’s a new season, a collection is also released, bringing many new features to the nails of consumers. And to match the winter climate, the Impala Ii brings new collection Romantic, inspired by best feelings and actions of people in love.

Check out the colors and descriptions of each provided by the company itself in your release:

Love:feeling without explanation that puts my heart in evidence and give color to life. Color:pink nude with creamy finish.

Marry me?:Yes! A request, a reply and the Union of the best of us. Colour:Golden with high gloss finish.

Appointment:a desire to be by your side. I want to see you! Color:bronze with metallic finish.

You and me:a unique combination and perfect. Color:Burgundy (mix between wine and purple) with creamy finish.

Kiss Me:one second is enough to get to know you and want a kiss. Color:red with creamy finish.

Our music:special music that marks our love story. Color:glitter (Golden, silver, bronze and green).

Forever:live with your love forever and together write a beautiful story. Color:deep Navy Blue with creamy finish.

By chance:meeting marked by fate. The love of my life in place and at the right time. Color:gray lead with Pearly finish.

Collection color chart

The color palette of the glaze of Romantic collection is very discreet and based in cooler tones, as winter asks. But to give an “up” on the nails and make sure the style even with the lowest temperatures of the season, there are also good enamels sparkles of glitter. These special sparkles are perfect to do nail arts quite different and original. You can use the special sparkles to do a nail only daughter, a nail ombré, among others.

Marketing locations and price

The glaze of this new winter collection of Impala are on sale in the main beauty products stores nationwide, as well as pharmacies, shops specializing in professional beauty products and salons. The suggested retail price for the marketing to R $3.40, but there may be variation in this value, according to the place in which it is purchased.