Roger Rüegger New Editor in Chief of Watchtime Usa

Former and highly esteemed chief editor Joe Thompson remains loyal to the magazine as editor-at-large.

The Swiss Roger Rüegger takes over the position as editor-in-chief for the New York-based sister magazine of Chronos and Watch Magazine–WatchTime–from March 1, 2016. At the same time, the longtime WatchTime editor-in-chief Joe Thompson joins his new role as a notepad-at-large. He resigns after his successful 16-year career as editor-in-chief and head of the magazine, but the WatchTime remains as an author and reporter in part-time. With his ability to combine passion for watches as well as the watch industry with journalistic integrity and detailed reporting, Joe Thompson with the Watchtime magazine set standards within the international journals for watches. His 38-year career in the industry was recently honored with the American Gem Award for his life’s work.

In addition to his “last-minute” Kolummne, Joe Thompson will continue to write reports and features for the magazine. He explains, “I return to my first job and my first love–writing and reporting.” Mr. Thompson welcomes the change as an opportunity to pursue other interests within the watch industry while continuing to support the Watchtime magazine in its new function.

Joe Thompson and Gerrit Klein, managing director of Ebner Verlag, the parent company of WatchTime magazine, jointly developed this idea as part of a long-term strategy to ensure the outstanding presence of print output with a more integrated digital environment Further support. To this end, WatchTime appoints Mr. Roger Rüegger as the new editor-in-chief.

The native Swiss Rüegger joins his new position at WatchTime with 15 years of experience in the watchmaking industry as author and creative director. In particular, he specializes in digital content and online platforms. For the website he has been writing since 2014 as a freelance author. Roger Rüegger will commute between Switzerland and the USA. This enables him to report on news and product developments particularly efficiently from the mother country of the fashion watch industry. “My goal is to develop WatchTime with the team and to emphasize our current strengths in order to substantiate WatchTimes status as America’s number one media brand for wristwatches,” explained Rüegger. “I am very pleased to use my know-how to maintain the high level and to develop even more synergies between our print, event and digital platforms.”

Both Joe Thompson and Roger Rüegger will support the WatchTime editorial team on the Baselworld 2016 to cover news and other watch developments.

According to, WatchTime is an award-winning media platform for luxury watches based in New York and a founding member of the Watch-Experts Excellence network. WatchTime reaches almost 800,000 watch enthusiasts every month and is considered the most successful watch magazine in North America and worldwide as one of the leading watch magazines. For more information, please visit our site.

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