Rocking Chair Provides Comfort And Charm To The Decor

That thing of grandmother No. The rocking chair is still bullish on the market. There are several models and options on the market, each with a different design to fit the desired environment, offering lots of charm and comfort.

For the interior designer Jeanne Deacon, the Chair can be placed in the corner of the living room reading, complementing the space where the seats, or even replacing, so that it is well inserted in the decoration.

Another very interesting space to put it is in the baby’s room to be used at the important moment of breastfeeding. “At this time, the design has to be left out, giving priority to comfort for that integration between the mother and the baby is perfect,” says Jeanne.

“Whether it be design, retro, for decoration, reading or breastfeeding, the rocking chair always brings back some memories of childhood, often from Grandma,” says the designer.

How to choose?

In the opinion of the interior designer Nadia Schinemann, in a large environment you may have a big Chair, combined with a heavier blanket on top. Already in smaller environments, a Chair more slim and clean fits better and the comfort is the cushions and upholstery. It is important to put a right-sized mobile in the environment so that there is a correct ergonomics.

Another place where you can put the rocking chair is in the living room and she can have the function of furniture or prop. The Chair, with a floor lamp and a quilt, makes up the corner of reading and will be difficult to drop the book.

For Cera, the rocking chair models are becoming bolder, causing the Chair to be the centerpiece of the environment. The news of the market are the colors, fabrics, textures and different ways than we used to see at Grandma’s. “There are models to suit all tastes, from the most traditional, modern and even weird. The choice will depend on the personality of the resident, “he says.

Rocking chair templates

The online store my mobile has between wooden rocking chairs template ‘ Stewardship’. Made of pine forest planted, she combines the retro side of the rocking chair to the comfort of armchair and costs 899 R$.

Those seeking a more traditional model, with the Chair from Grandma, can opt for Austrian rocking chair, Thonart, with structure in solid wood and open. On the site you can choose the color of the wood and the finish and make a quote.