Reusable Plastic Bottles

Reusable Plastic Cups for Hot Drinks

Plastic Cups for Reusable

Interplast 2000 – c. Plovdiv is pleased to present its newest product – plastic cups reusable.

Plastic cups reusable are made of high quality materials and also feature with much greater strength and resistance to temperature than normal.

Why Use Plastic Cups Reusable?

In appearance very similar glasses, which makes them very suitable for catering, important events and gatherings.

Serving as water bottles, plastic cups made by, are reusable and highly used for picnics, on beaches and pools, where glasses are not used because of the risk of cuts from accidental breakage. So more restaurants and sites are directed to them especially in summer.

Not least, it should be noted that the use of plastic cups reusable is a step towards protecting the environment. Nowadays the care of the planet is more important than ever, and the ability to use those glasses again and again could be our contribution in this direction.

Plastic Cups for Alcohol

Plastic cups for alcohol (vodka, whiskey, etc) are made of high quality materials. They are suitable for catering events and gatherings.

Due to the fact that recently more and more public places, the use of glasses is prohibited because of the danger of accidental breakage and cutting,  plastic cups for alcohol reusable are increasingly used.

The use of ordinary plastic cups of alcohol on the other hand is inconvenient for consumers and less prestigious for restaurants and catering companies that offer them to their clients. The quality of  glasses for reuse is much higher, and  their appearance and ease of use are much better. This makes them more preferred option for many restaurants, outlets and catering companies.