Retro Style

There’s a sense that nothing is created, but all is renewed in style, that because all the trends that have come through repaginadas and make success come back again.

When a “new” trend is just give a researched to know she not has just been released, but she came back to that station.

The name given to this fashion that seeks inspirations in past decades can be called retro, for being a retrospective of what has already been successful ever. It is common also to confuse people with vintage, but you see, it’s a original antique vintage, retro already is a new play with inspirations in the older vintages.

The fashion was changing throughout history, as well as the woman, in the decades of 20, 30 and 40, the woman was ultra-feminina, wearing more skirts and dresses. However, over time her clothes were changing, until you reach the 80 and 90 where they spent wearing jeans and blazers, which before were typical male clothing.

All this change made it appear more certain that women seek more practical parts, as these began to take in society rights and obligations equal to those of men. What caused all the delicacy and femininity, which could be seen in dresses rotated andromantic productions, stay back there in the past.

ut these days the woman back to seek inspiration in these true “divas”, is the search for your femininity through clothes that enhance your body and make it even more attractive.

If you are one of those women, who sees in retro fashion a way to get even more beautiful and feminine, here are some tips to compose these looks.


One of the pieces more were seen in the 20 to 60 is the dress, the great ally of women was present since the dawn of fashion.In your modeling was commonly seen very marked waist and skirts well rounds as a way to sharpen the waist and outline the hip, leaving it wider.

Another option are the skirts, who followed the same structure of dresses, being round, but there are still options for pencil skirt with blouse round of peplum.

In addition to these models, there are Dresses that resemble Tulip modeling, pasties are and shirts with moorings at the waist.


The prints that show to compose a retro look are poás, the balls are always present in dresses, especially inspired in the 60.But, it is possible to create productions with plaids, swirls and floral.


The shoes used in the old days and that should be included in retro looks are the shiny varnished models, a classic of the decades of 60. Are also welcome with thick heel shoes, sneakers and shoes Mary Jane, these may come from like colorful with patterns.


One of the most striking Accessories in time to compose the retro is the glasses, mainly in Kitty format. If you want to make it even more real prefer the Leopard are encouraged as well characteristic of the time.

These are some tips on clothing, shoes and accessories to compose a retro, just use creativity, choose a decade to inspire and create stylish looks.