Requiem by Paranoid Android: Developers Begin to Consider Dead The ROM

Paranoid Android has spent years being together with CyanogenMod and any other more one of the most popular ROMs available for Android devices. But once OnePlus boasted in February many of its key developers to create and maintain your Oxygen OS things have started to go them increasingly worse.

The lack of personnel has made that the current team is not able to keep pace. This was demonstrated when the ROM Android 5.1-based version was released in July, with a few months of delay with regard to which we were accustomed. The situation is reaching such a high level that some of its developers they begin to consider it dead.

Is Paranoid Android dead?

See, one of the developers of Paranoid Android already they have openly declared their social networks that the ROM is dead. Android Authority contacted the Matt Flaming project leader this weekend, and although this did not make any official statement, was not able to deny the words of fellow.

According to Flaming, the members of the current team of ROM they are too busy with their lives to continue working on the project. Even so, it has ensured that you can not say officially that the project is dead, and focused their hopes that in 2016 the best things and may return to join the team.

Therefore, right now Paranoid Android is a Rock band that has been given to what is commonly called a temporary respite, and Matt Flaming is hoping that over time the rest of the members they realize how much that Miss project and meet to follow with him again. Come on, that if Paranoid Android is not dead, being kind we could say that it is practically in a coma.