Remix OS Is Already at Peace with Licenses

Jide has filled headlines this month after launching its Android for PC Remix OS version, although some of them were not too favorable. Apparently, rush let overlook something so important as respect licenses two of its main components: the flasher’s Remix OS and Android – x 86.

When the community was echoed that the flasher’s Remix OS, fundamental part of the installation process, was based on UNetbootin, licensed under GPL, began has wonder why Remix OS not distributing the source code of the modified version. Already with the fly behind the ear, some users began to consider also whether Remix OS would be no violating another license, the of Android – x 86 (in this case Apache with some GPL components).

Faced with this situation, Jide have been very little communication, until yesterday, when at last they talked of this thorny issue to XDA, detailing How are they solved today.

UPS, I forgot to

In the text with the statements of Jide described is that indeed Remix OS Flash Tool UNetbootin-based, GPL license, and whose source code It is now available on GitHub. Some files in GitHub dating from months ago, so it was all a misunderstanding.

As regards Android – x 86, Jide recalled in his statement that give credit its authors on the website of Remix OS (and receives it interactively from the Android – x 86), although it is overlooked that some project files have with GPL license. To solve this, the source code with modifications by OS Remix is also available on GitHub.

Although everything points to that actually all this controversy wouldn’t be somewhat exaggerated, I miss the statements some explanation about the reason for the delay to distribute the source code. For example, say that it is an early beta for developers I would have served as an excuse rather than valid.

In any case, by the relative quick response and rectification.