Remix OS Beta Arrives on March 1 with Several New Features

Jide you have everything ready so that your version of Android to PC, Remix OS, give your first great evolutionary leap: going from alpha phase to open beta phase. Ex-Google just announced that starting from the 1 March anyone will be able to download free this new version more advanced and easier to install from your own website. They are strolling the MWC with its prototype Remix Pro.

The first big news is that for the first time will allow the direct installation on the hard disk for dual boot. Until then it is still necessary to have a memory 8GB USB 3.0 and follow these steps to turn it on.

In the presentation of the beta of Remix OS, which has been done with the video that we leave at the end, refers to five major improvements. We discard the first one because the 32-bit support already was introduced a few days ago. Much more interesting is the support UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) to protect and accelerate the process of the operating system boot.

Also should be noted that, starting with this release, updates will arrive via OTA. At the moment in the passage of the Alpha to the beta is they have fixed over 50 bugs large and suppose that also some children. It is the least because it should be noted a major shift from stability with the jump and, if you want to begin to convince the public that Android on PC has any real use, at least be without serious mistakes that scare during the first tests.