Reduce the Energy Consumption

A separate energy saving account is the first step towards reducing consumption and controlling costs for your own energy consumption. The non-profit consultancy co2online provides a free energy park account, which we would like to introduce in more detail here.

In the course of our campaign ” Germany greened “, our households have already taken the first step towards green revival and opened an energy parking account at co2online. The Energiesparkonto allows you to track, compare and analyze your own energy consumption in order to sustainably reduce your own consumption. Co2online is a not-for-profit company that is committed to climate protection and has set itself the goal of reducing the heating energy and electricity consumption caused by private households and reducing the associated CO2 emissions. A small clip about the Energiesparkonto is availablehere.

Know Your Own Energy Consumption

Through the account, you immediately see how much energy you consume.You simply have to enter your consumption values -the more often, the more accurate the analysis of the energy parking lot.

You can thus survey the areas of heating energy, electricity consumption, water consumption, photovoltaics and mobility. The Energiesparkonto shows you your consumption values ​​in clear graphics and makes it so easy, also the development of the consumption to see. Energy saving measures are thereby made more transparent and the success is easily measurable.This also motivates the energy to remain on the ball.

Compare Your Own Energy Consumption

The fact that more than 78,000 energy saving rooms have been opened at co2online mean that there is a broad data base that allows us to compare consumptions. The energy saving account automatically compares your consumption with similar households. This way, you will immediately see where you are with your consumption compared to others and how great your savings potential is.

Reduce Your Own Energy Consumption

The fact is that many Germans know nothing about their energy consumption.Those who know their own consumption are making a major step towards cost control and a more conscious approach to their own energy consumption. The logical consequence of this is that you discover how much potential savings there are. The Energiesparkonto sets the foundation for this. In a further step, the account provides individual energy saving tips that can further reduce your energy consumption. Co2online, in cooperation with the Institut für ZukunftsEnergieSysteme (IZES), has found that owners of an energy saving park are much more aware of energy consumption and save more than twice as much energy as the federal average. The results can be found in the studyPraxistest “Modern energy saving systems in the household” of the IZES. The Fraunhofer Institute also produces similar results. This found out that households who use a power management system can save up to 15% more energy.

The Energiesparkonto

In order to further reduce the energy costs, the account has a conveyor check in addition to the individual energy saving tips. This shows the users which subsidy programs are available for the most diverse energy saving projects in old buildings, new buildings and co. In addition, a bonus portal offers regular renovation vouchers for a boiler or an efficient heat pump, which users can look forward to.

The Energiesparkonto 2006 was created by co2online Managing Director Johannes Hengstenberg. Since 2009 the Energiesparkonto has been funded and supported by the Federal Environment Ministry. Meanwhile, there is even an EnergyCheck app for the Energiesparkonto. With the app you can enter the counterstories directly at the counter and then synchronize the data with the account. The app also displays graphics and gradients. For both Android and iOS, the app is free.