Recycle And Decorate–Flashlight With Dehydrated Leaves

We’re going to unite two things I love, recycling and crafts. And we will learn a little easy to use those dehydrated leaves that you’re saving already has a long time: turn into beautiful preserved glass lanterns.

First of all separate the leaves you dehydrated and kept. Remember here how to dehydrate.

After a few glasses of choice saves you were joining to recycle. Rinse them well and let them all ready to start the project.

Cover the entire surface of the glass with playswithmatches glue, except for the part where it fits the cover, because you may want to use glass for other purposes. Start hanging the leaves on the glass and immediately pass a light layer of glue of playswithmatches about her.

Cover the entire surface of the glass with the leaves and each leaf with playswithmatches glue. After dry pass a second coat and let it dry well.

Create a more interesting effect on the glass that ran out of leaves, knocking on it lightly with the bristles of the brush. When dry the glass will stay with a frosted effect, making the candlelight well more warm and fuzzy.

You can use the same technique to decorate the glass, and continue to use it to store things in like tea bags, seasonings, needles and thread, and what more you want.

This hint so simple and effect was shared by Pam from Gingerbread Snowflake.

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