Reasons To Change The Wedding Dress For A Jumpsuit

This post is dedicated to all women who feel more comfortable or say, most them with pants that dress. And the purpose is to show that it is possible to use them for the look of the wedding are identified?

The jumpsuits, also known as monkeys or palazzos, are characterized by a garment consisting of trousers and a top in one piece. One of its main attributes is to stylize the figure and give you an air of sophistication.

The monkeys are one of the major trends in fashion, so it does not surprise me that most important, Elie Saab, Carolina Herrera and Monique Lhuillierbridal designers, have put forward this option in their latest collections.

Below I present a few concepts, suggestions and ideas related with choose a jumpsuit instead of wedding dress:

-A palazzo is perfect for a civil wedding.

-Also it is ideal for a wedding day, outdoor and more relaxed.

-Likewise, for a wedding cocktail reception in the evening.

-If you are thinking that a mono is a synonym for a look easy, simple or no joke, I am afraid tell them that they cannot be more wrong is most chic!

-A jumpsuit is a great choice for all those who are looking for a look different, daring, and alternative.

-There are different styles of palazzo. Can be found of tubing, wide pants, strapless, strapless, halter, with or without sleeves, as well as made with Rhinestones, lace, smooth, textured, transparencies, with cleavage V or back.

-Can be adapted to all types of body only there to know how to choose it!

-Ah but yes! Take care to make them as painted, i.e., neither large nor chico to be perfect at the wedding.

-Finally if you decide to use a jumpsuit as wedding gown tell them that they may accompany a cute hairdo as well as accessories that complement it harmoniously no veil!