Re Exchange, Save Your Life

The automatically inflatable re room should be in the future a constant companion of every anglers and boaters. Because it can save your life in case of an emergency. We have taken the inflatable airbag under the magnifying glass.

Small, handy, light, and in case of emergency it can save your life: the new re room! The tiny package, which you wear on the supplied high-quality belt, interfere in any situation while fishing and saves lives under certain circumstances. The sport version we tested is extremely handy and secured by a PIN in addition to accidental triggering of the lifting body.

Throwing in an emergency situation is very simple: you pull first a small line and the striking yellow tube inflates within seconds and is used as a buoyancy aid.

Whether on slippery stone pours on the Canal, in the raging trout stream in the surf of the sea. The applications are as diverse as our fisheries. The life saver should be worn in all new situations, where there is a danger that you fall into the water, at worst with waders or thick Thermoanzügen. One feels simply much safer and it is also; the float with 70 newtons keeps us safe over water in emergency situations. Of course, re bar replaced no life jacket, which should be worn in any boat fishing continue.

We tested the system, especially on the coast at wading fishing for sea trout. Much moves here and due to the harsh conditions on the water is this type of fishing is a good indicator of the suitability of accessories. Also it is always with as little as possible and practical device on the road and so it is striking now, if a piece of equipment. The belt bugged us in any single situation, he replaced simply always to bear wading belt and also the small bag with buoyancy tube and gas cartridge never bothered. Even when fly fishing the little life-saver never was in the way, for right handed the bag had to be turned only left at the side of the body. So it was never tangles with the Flyline.

A real plus is that it triggered the CO2Capsule yourself and, if necessary, directly on the water that can make re room ready for use again. First it deflates the buoyancy through a valve, then you easily replace the LP gas cartridge. Now comes the hardest part; the merging of the yellow hose and packing in the little bag. But this is done thanks to the printed instructions within two to three minutes.Then is again ready for the re Office.

The re room in the classic and sport variant is available. The yellow signal colour is visible also good for savers.

We say: a small accessory, to great effect! Every angler should have it – no matter where you are!

Available is the re Office in two variants: as re room classic, which suited sailors or families is optimal for snorkelers, swimmers, canoeists, anglers,. The re Exchange sports is suitable with special closure and his interchangeable mounting system for tougher applications like kitesurfing, windsurfing, surfing, or SUP.