RC Air Swimmer

Flying Rc Swimmers Are The Latest Trend In The Domestic Kids Room. Whether It Is Buying, How The Toy Balloons Work In Detail, And What It Is All About, Clear Our Test.

RC Air Swimmer Exporters

When buying a remote controlled RC Air Swimmer you should pay attention that you use original products or at least recommended retrofit products. The RC flying animals have been around for several years and many companies have tried to recreate the RC Air Swimmer. Cheap copies cause frustration and usually do not work as they should. The flying floats differ not only in terms of quality, but also in terms of price. At times the RC Air Swimmer cost 120, – Euro – of course much too much! Reasonable prices for a RC Air Swimmer are between 30, – Euro up to 50, – Euro.

Helium To Buy Or To Let

When purchasing a RC Air Swimmer you should be aware that you need a normal balloon for a proper function. Because helium is about seven times lighter than air, the RC Air Swimmer climbs upwards and stays accordingly within a space. Conventional helium for balloons is available, for example, on Amazon but also in toy stores and toy retailers. Ballongas are available in disposable as well as in reusable bottles, which can also be filled in specialized stores.

Air Swimmer: Installation, Installation And Installation Instructions (ENGLISH)

In order to assemble the approx. 150 cm long and approximately 100 cm high RC Air Swimmer, you have to plan some time and bring a little bit of fingertip feeling. Small children can not assemble the RC Air Swimmer alone, which is why parents can help with the installation. Because the assembly with four rather than two hands is much faster and easier, both son and daughter can already make a small contribution and are simultaneously introduced into the functioning of the RC Swimmer. The assembly takes at most an hour and goes – if you understand the principle behind the RC Air Swimmer – quite quickly from the hand. The time of the assembly allows shining eyes, which is why you should bring a lot of time, good patience and a good mood during the first Monday. In contrast to multicopters, drones or toy cars, the RC Air Swimmer is not immediately ready for operation.

Fish spread, inflate and fix

In the first step, the RC Air Swimmer is spread on a flat surface (eg on a table and attached to a heavy object (eg kitchen bowl, head pillow, etc.) by means of a band (eg gift ribbon, woolen knit etc.) The balloon is puffed up by means of ballongas, until it feels plump enough and lifts off.

Attach the belly and back fins with double-sided adhesive tape

In the second step the fins are mounted on the belly and the back (alternatively also after step 4). The RC Air Swimmers are supplied with 3M Sticky Pads (optional), but you can also use conventional poster strips or powerstrips (e.g., Amazon available). These double-sided adhesive strips are placed on the flat surface between the fin end and directly on the balloon sleeve. In addition, the fins should be firmly fixed to the balloon sleeve with one-sided adhesive tape.

Caution: The exact location for attaching the fins is marked on the balloon sleeve and essential for proper functioning of the RC Air Swimmers! Tip: In order to keep the double-sided adhesive tape well on the balloon surface, the material should be carefully cleaned with water or commercially available greasy solution before installation at the appropriate locations.

Insert batteries and mount motorized weight shifting

The tilting forward and backward and thus the moving of the RC Air Swimmer is realized solely by weight shifting. For this purpose, a motor is mounted on a rail (“Pod Track”), which is moved in the corresponding direction by the infrared remote control and can be filled with counterweights in the last step. This component is also attached to the balloon surface by means of adhesive pads at the appropriate locations and should also be fixed once again with the adhesive tape on one side. Before the adhesive attachment, a conventional AAA battery should be inserted into the system. A cross-slot screwdriver, which should be included in the scope of supply, is required to insert the battery.

Hook and attach tail fin

In the next step, the hooks that are included in the scope of supply are also fixed with double- and single-sided adhesive tape at the correspondingly marked places and the tail fin is then put together. Included are rubbers (alternatively a nylon thread), which are tensioned between the attached hooks and the hook of the tail fin and finally fix the tail fin tightly. In addition, the power cable must be routed from the already mounted motor through the corresponding eyelet tail fin and simply plugged in using a plug connection.

Balance weight and find balance

The fifth and almost last step requires a little money and is very important for the proper functioning of the RC Swimmer. Here, the weight of the balloon is adjusted. For this purpose, there is a small drawer near the engine which is filled with smaller objects – such as pebbles, paper or cardboard chips, polystyrene. The filling is dependent on the environmental conditions and not least on the amount of helium / ballongas added. Tip for balancing and balancing: Push the engine on the rail into the center position and fill the additional weight only afterwards.

Flying and having fun

Afterwards, only a 9-volt block battery has to be inserted into the enclosed infrared remote control and the flight fun can start.

Installation instructions in video

Gentle Flight And Great Experience For Small Children

The RC Air Swimmer offers a great experience for children, thanks to a gentle flight. From assembly to the first flight, the children’s eyes are getting bigger and bigger. What more could you ask for? The flight itself is, of course, anything but agile – you can not race with the RC Air Swimmers due to the lack of rear propellers or any other type of drive, of course. The range of the infrared remote control is approximately ten meters, which is why the RC Air Swimmer is only suitable for indoor and indoor use. One should also take care of the design – especially small children might be frightened at the RC Air Swimmer Shark, which is why other models and designs (such as RC Air Swimmer Nemo) may be more appropriate. It should also be noted that the RC Air Swimmers are not necessarily small and will rob a lot of space in the long run. Tip or fragile items should not be in close proximity when used by children, so the RC Air Swimmer should only be flown under supervision. Caution also in the case of candles: you can not only destroy the RC Air Swimmer, but also tip over in a collision and can trigger fires.

Conclusion And recommendation

The RC Air Swimmer is an ideal gift for small children but also the one or the other adult. The assembly is somewhat fuddy and not for any person self-evident. The enclosed operating instructions – usually in English or Chinese – do not help much. Nevertheless: If you have the function once out and the flying fish is optimally balanced, you should have long fun with this great gadget.

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