Puma 1000 v4 Boots


This is the 4th version of the Puma 1000. Sports boots that need their atypical design with draconian technical choices to protect their wearer as their exoskeleton. Presentation of an evolution that is smooth, and with a price drop.

A dozen years ago, the Puma brand landed in the motorcycle world. By the door of the competition, and for the general public, in the catalog of Ducati by signing the majority of their boots. Since then, Puma emancipated herself from the Italian firm and has largely changed its products, in the image of the models 250, 450 , and 500 of the 2015 collection we already presented. The 1000 is the high-end, technology and sports showcase. If this version 4 features new colors, she evolves through touches to perfect the protection and comfort of the driver.

Boots Puma 1000 v4: Protection and flexibility (again) improved

Difficult at first glance, to detect changes between these 1000 v4 and the previous generation. The impressive exoskeleton, named Ghost Doctor, is always present. It has however changed to better protect the calf and Shin in a fall. It will be recalled that the Ghost Doctor has two functions: protect from shock but especially to avoid the hyper-extensions of the ankle during the involuntary antics. Place the frame on the outside and not in the boot makes it also to provide maximum flexibility, far from the effect “ski boot” a lot of runway models. And for flexibility, Puma also changed the sliders on the front of the 1000. Now fixed by two screws, they are especially flexible in order not to hinder the market. To enhance security, another element has been revised: the Exo Low. This large piece polyurethane intended to absorb side impact and surrounding the heel now receives a plaque to high density to absorb vertical constraints. Story by far to hurt those who land on their feet after a high side.

As the v3, Puma 1000 v4 boots are certified EN 13634 (see our file) by the CTC of Lyon. Available in two colors (black and black/orange) at SHOESESPECIALLY.COM, they exist from 38 to 46. Count €299 to deliver these boots that have the prticularité to have a double clamping : aft by self-tightening on the liner yaw and lateral loop on the Ghost Doctor. A price down €60 while the standard is generally on the rise for the new models.