Protection Against the Wet Summer Weather

Soon, the lovely Swedish summer here. As usual, does that mean they get Sun break we get mixed with the imminent risk of precipitation. A thin raincoat in Macktintoshutförande is a way to protect themselves against the rain, another way is to use the umbrella. Because it is both ugly and boring with advertising umbrellas from the employer or the like, we recommend that you invest in a quality umbrella.

There are two main reasons for this. First and foremost, an umbrella just like a suit or shoes to be artisan made and of good material. This means that life expectancy. They also tend to resist the wind a little bit better at least feel important on the West coast where the undersigned houses. The next argument is that quality umbrellas are so much more beautiful than those of advertising made of plastic.

When it comes to good manufacturers so we think that we should turn against England when they like we Swedes have a long and good experience of bad weather. They have very long stood for some of the absolute best umbrellas available to buy. Names to remember are classics which Brigg and Fox Ltd as well as newcomers like London Undercover umbrellas and Lockwood.

Umbrella in camo from London Undercover for 1 500 kr.

Umbrella in orange from Lockwood for 3 400 SEK.

A bit more extravagant and stylish umbrellas of the utmost class found in Italy. Milanobaserade Francesco Maglia and Napolibaserade Mario Talarico are two of the top manufacturers in the world. The use of lavish materials and make the umbrellas by hand. Becomes an elegant accessory to wear even rolled up.

Elegant handle on umbrellas from Mario Talarico.

Plaid umbrella from Francesco Maglia for 3 100 kr.

The man behind these fabulous umbrellas with the same name.

The inspiration for this text we received from Pitti Uomo now in January when on the third day of the fair was gray, gloomy and rainy. This was nothing that prevented the majority of the visitors in an always elegant style using the umbrella as a natural and attractive part of the overall look. Erik Mannby documented this in an exemplary manner on behalf of Styleforums and was kind enough to lend us these inspirational pictures.