Product Review: Nokia Bluetooth Headset Bh-804

Small and good
Bluetooth is still not very old. One of the first Bluetooth headsets from Ericsson was big, unwieldy but very comfortable-after all, you were on the go wirelessly. A lot has happened in the past ten years, the technology has been shrinking tremendously. Now there is a tiny one of Nokia with almost 8 grams and the minimum dimensions of 42×13×6 millimeters.

The Nokia BH-804. Design: The design of the Bluetooth headset shows that mobile phones are now perceived not only as technical devices, but also as fashion accessories. The designer Johan Frössén has dealt extensively with headsets. The result is clear lines and a cool aluminum finish. But not only the Bluetooth headset itself is clever, but also the accessories such as the charging station. Here, too, the design is dominated by clean lines and aluminum.In this video the designer himself talks about the Nokia headset and his ideas around the BH-804…

The Bluetooth headset BH-804 has only one button for answering calls and a rocker for volume adjustment-so nothing can be done wrong with the operation. When unpacking the headset, however, a little fingertip sensation is required. For example, an aluminum bracket, which is connected to the headset via a miniteg, should be mounted so that the device is optimally positioned in the ear. By means of this strap, the device sits so well on the ear, that you do not have to worry that 100 euros just fall down just because you keep your head crooked. Because of the low weight, the headset is also a treat for every tired ear. Even after hours of wearing I did not feel like I was on a headset. Unfortunately, there are very few devices available, usually after a few hours of pressure and red ears.

The coupling is bluetooth-typical simple. I could only try it on my Nokia N85, but it should also work with all other bluetooth-compatible mobile phones and smartphones. The voice quality is particularly convincing according to Nokia, because the built-in digital signal processor suppresses background signals. In the Praxistest, the Nokia shows itself completely succeeded, even in noisy environment as in the car, in the train or on Saturdays just before shop closing in the supermarket, the opposite side hardly touches the background noise. Only as a user of the Bluetooth headset itself is the transmission voice sometimes a bit quiet.

According to Nokia, the recharge time in standby mode is about 6 days, while the usage time is about 4 hours. In real use I have not come to the stated values, which is mainly due to my usage behavior. I hang my phones every evening routinely to the charging cables-on the one hand, because my smartphones like the G1 and the Nokia N85 are a little more energy-hungry, on the other hand because I do not want to stand the next day without mobile phone. Together with the mobile phones I also put the BH-804 almost every evening in the formschöne charge tray. Even if the figures given by Nokia are only 50 percent, the performance is quite remarkable considering the size of the device. It is also nice that Nokia also offers a standardized Micro USB connection for charging this accessory-a charging cable less that you have to drag around with you.

Aside from the smaller deficiencies such as the low volume in a noisy environment, I can recommend an absolute recommendation for the Nokia BH-804. Surely, the price of over 100 euros sounds dissuasive, especially since there are also significantly cheaper Bluetooth headsets. The design, the technology and the many accessories, in particular the DSP signal processor, which filters the background noise rather reliably and thus makes the telephone more pleasant, cost slightly more. At Nokia you have to put this “more” always synonymous a few euros more on the table.