Preview:Blogger Caro_E_ Designs Her Own Sports Collection

Bloggerin Caro_e_ (Caroline Einhoff from Germany) is known for her pretty looks, her sparkling personality and, of course, her flair for everything that has to do with fashion. With her Instagram profile and her blog, she inspires countless fashionistas and if so far We meet Caro_e_ in the heart of Amsterdam, where she poses in her first sport collection , which will be available from the end of July.

What can you tell us about your new collaboration with Hunkemöller?
When I was 14, I bought my very first string from Hunkemöller.This was, of course, a very special moment for me.And with this sports collection there will always be a close relationship between Hunkemöller and me.I feel very honored by the cooperation.Many young women dream of designing their own collection.It feels great to be part of this brand.I can not wait for the reactions to my collection!

What is your favorite part of this collection?
There is plenty! Of course I like the whole collection, because I have chosen every single piece for it. But if I really have to choose one, then I decide for the `mauve colored cross top ‘. It is not only sexy but also super-comfortable during the workout! In addition, the top by the glossy surface is so perfect.

What is your normal workout?
My workout is actually a mix of own exercises and a famous program over 12 weeks: a combination of HIIT and cardio endurance training. I love to mix it up!

And what is the secret of your bikini figur?
I pay attention to a healthy diet, combined with my workout. This brings me and my figure into shape. As is well known, 80% diet and 10% workout contribute to a healthy lifestyle. I think that every body is bikini tauglich – as long as one is healthy. This does not have to be natural by megadünn according to

What do you pack into your sports bag?
In my sports bag is always a nice outfit for the training in the center and a bottle of water or a protein drink.

What is your favorite snook after a workout? Or what are your secret desires?
After a workout, I usually eat a protein bar… But I have quite a lot of secret cravings! I love gummibars and ice cream. Without ice there is nothing! So I treat myself regularly.

Last question: If you should choose – between a closet full of sexy lingerie or a closet brimming with sports outfits. What would you choose?
To be honest, the decision is really hard for me. Because you need both sexy lingerie and sports outfits for different occasions. I think that both can be really sexy and at the same time underline the beauty of the woman. But I am, of course, superstolz on my own sport collection and therefore – I decide in this case for the sportoutfits.

Caro_e_ for Hunkemöller

This limited edition sports collection is a must. Caro knows exactly what a fashiongirl needs in sports. And, of course, how to enchant a sports outfit in a fashionable after-gym look. The Caro_e_ for Hunkemöller collection includes bras in different levels, leggings, a shorts, tops, a hoodie, a jacket and matching accessories. Current updates on this collection are available on our social media channels (Instagram:@hunkemoller, Facebook: Hunkemoller, Snapchat: @hunkemollerhq).