Pregnant Pictures and Models

Who said pregnant also can’t walk in style? On the contrary, they can and should. Today, pregnant women already have a fashion segment thought exclusively for them, that meet every need of that period. And the best, a fashion update, according to the main trends of the moment. Which guarantees to pregnant woman, besides comfort and well-being, beauty and style to spare.

For 2012 seasons, especially in summer, fashion plays a pregnant pieces inspired by different cultures, bringing many joyful and exuberant shades, which give a lot of fun and liveliness to pregnant women during the wait. Here at you can get more different models of the fashion dresses.

The printing comes in different versions with striped prints, plaids and abstract.The tropicalist trend also wins evidence, making emerge patterns with motifs of landscapes, flowers, leaves and animals, made with lightweight fabrics and fluttering, especially the linen, silk and cotton; all to provide gravidíssimas, complete freedom of movement, and maintain a peaceful gestation.

The color palette appears diverse, with great intensity of vivid colours, in shades of green, yellow, pink, red and blue, accompanied by the neutral tones of black, white, beige and gray, and earthy, that arise in more sophisticated compositions.

As the saying goes, “pregnancy is not a disease”, and to prove it, the sets 2012 brings to pregnant women who are going through this phase of life, be they of first trip or not, a trend marked above all by the dynamism, fundamental Word for women WH and not interrupt your work life or stop doing your usual activities, just for being pregnant.

For pregnant women, fashion comes up with modern and functional options, made with parts and special fabrics such as jeans with elastic, blouses, dresses and pants of malleable materials and adjustable, which transmit lightness and flexibility, leaving women free to count of their daily chores without any concern.