Pregnant in Summer, All Are Advantages

There are many people who see a very pregnant woman in the middle of August, is apiadan of her and how bad that must be going with heat, swelling of feet and all those small discomforts that are associated with an advanced state of gestation in summer. What these people don’t realize is that being pregnant in the summer are all advantages. Or almost.

This will be the third summer that happened very pregnant. In addition, according to the friendly clerk at a maternity clothing store my pregnancy counts as twin, do to the idea of the dimensions of my erstwhile swollen abdomen. My first daughter was born in August, the fourth in September and, if all goes well, the fifth will also be born in September. Believe me when I say that I find you many advantages over two pregnancies of winter I lived with my second and third daughter.

The heat is very democratic

It is true that heat is passed and that, if one is prone to have low stress during pregnancy, it is hard to peel off the hammock. That is precisely one of the advantages, to take advantage of the holidays to rest until the baby is born.
Moreover, you who are going to cheat, to forty degrees in the shade becomes heat with gut or without it.

The summer is ideal to save on fabric

Also thanks to the heat need less clothes pregnant for the past few months when it is more difficult to reuse clothing before pregnancy. A few dresses loose with the cut in the chest make us the workaround divinely and save us the time pneumatic doll that has touched us to suffer the winter in cold countries mothers.

On the beach, all cats are grey

A bulging gut is the ideal complement to hide those extra pounds that have been based in the hips, and the perfect excuse to take us all ice cream in the world without looking back. Much more difficult is to face the summer in the postnatal period, pregnant all are very worthy with these swimsuits so ideal that they have chosen our collaborators that we wear gut and type this summer.

Heat fresh fruit

And salads, many salads. All pregnant women know how important that is nourished well, take the rations of relevant fruit and vegetables, much fish and enough milk and liquid. All much more appetizing food in summer than in winter when sauces, fats and heavy meals call us attention powerfully.

Without lowering the hammock

Nothing better to alleviate swelling of feet that put them up. We must take advantage while we sunbathe peacefully. We have the perfect excuse, rest on medical prescription. The same applies when a NAP mid-afternoon we please.

Alternating these breaks with walks by the shore, as well as a few slender ankles, we luciremos a flattering Tan to go with good face in the first photos with our brand new shoots.

If all this edema forwards not always we will have the consolation of being able spend the summer in flip-flops.

Sport custom

Almost all recommended activities during pregnancy are more accessible and pleasant in summer. Will swim and stroll at the discretion that we reach the childbirth in tip-top shape and with an enviable moreno.

Following these simple tips I will not deny that being pregnant in the summer are all advantages.

That Yes, Let us not forget never to drink plenty of water. Fundamental to be well-hydrated in the hottest days.