Plus Size Wedding Dress: Tips For Choosing The Ideal Model

The wedding dress is a guaranteed concern for all who will go up to the altar. The will to be beautiful on the wedding day is unanimous. 

For each body type, there is a model that fits best. And it’s no different with plus size women. Full of curves and sensuality, the choice of dress causes doubts, however, following some tips, finding the ideal dress turns out to be an easier task.

But, there are some tips that can help you in finding the right model. According to naturegnosis, it is important that plus size brides avoid wearing very adherent or very large and armed skirts. “The evasion cut looks great. They should also avoid shiny fabrics, horizontal cutouts, frills, “he points out.

Care with details that end up providing an extra volume should be taken into account when choosing the model. Patterns, application of flowers, frills, ties are some of them that may end up not giving the expected effect and should be avoided, especially when applied to the bust.Meanwhile, the image consultant, Juliene Teixeira, believes that when used with parsimony, they can be a great ally. “The trim, the cut, the glitter, the embroideries and the crystal applications, can make up this trick of valuing and hiding,” he said. Very short veils with volumes may also not fall well.

Choosing the sleeve of the dress is another important item when the bride is plus size and wants to hide the more chubby arms. Elide’s recommendation is to give preference to models with medium or long sleeves in fine lace. Dresses with very wide and wide sleeves do not value the plus size women’s silhouette. Always when necessary, you should use loops, even if thin and discreet.

“V-neck or heart-shaped necklines, showing off the lap, which is usually beautiful” is the tip Elide gives. If the bride wants to wear a model, she will fall. The recommendation is that if you choose more structured fabrics to give support and that are neither so fair nor so low-cut to not give the impression that the breasts are coming out and not to draw attention to the fat of the region of the arm. “The region of the bust should be valued, but without exaggeration. In plus size women, the care with very revealing pieces is the fear of being vulgar, “says Juliene.

Another good tip is to choose dresses that have corselet that define the waist and are adjusted to the body, lengthening the silhouette. If you prefer larger models, the tip is to use a waistband to fine tune and define that region. “If the woman has little waist, the tip is to force the waist marking, with fins and other components that value the region,” Juliene said.

Color And Fabric: Which Ones To Choose?

Light colors are known to emphasize some aspects of the wearer’s body, however, there is no escape from them at the time of marriage. “Any light color” gets fat. ” So it’s better to wear white that has everything to do with a bride, “points out Elide. Juliene also agrees and, for her, what will value the silhouette is the modeling of the dress. “White dresses very well sewn, will hardly create an unwanted image.”

The best fabrics are those of opaque appearance, such as taffeta and fine lace. Also they look good organza and crepe. “I recommend the choice of more structured fabrics in regions of higher projection, such as abdomen, hip, buttock and more fluid tissues – that allow movement, in the region of the legs, for example,” guides the image consultant, Juliene.

The Ideal Model For Each Body Type

Each plus size bride has a body type. There are women with wider hips or with large breasts in relation to the hip, lower or higher, with thin waist or not. “Not every bride who wears large sizes has the same body. There’s a bride who’s going to look pretty like a mermaid. There is a bride who does not. The important thing is to use the modeling of the dress, to value the strengths and camouflage the points of improvement, “says Juliene.

Therefore, it is important that the bride knows what she wants to emphasize and what she intends to hide on the day of the wedding. “It is important, then, that she go to a good store or a specialized studio and try some models in front of a mirror before choosing yours,” analyzes Élide.

But, some tips can help with this choice:

For the short brides: prefer straight dresses to lengthen the silhouette and models that are fairer not to create volume more;

For brides with wide hips: brides with this body style should avoid mermaid cut dresses and give preference to dresses that also lengthen the body, such as straight ones;

For brides with a lot of breast: avoid deep necklines and dresses will make it fall. Give preference to “V” or canoe shaped necklines.

Where To Find Plus Size Wedding Dress?

Fashion plus size comes, every year, gaining space within the market. Specialized stores come to help enhance the body of those who have the most curves. And it is no different with the bridal gown market. The orientation that image consultant Juliene gives her brides is that she orders the dress in an atelier, choosing a model that values ​​her curves and respects personal taste.

Currently, size 56 models are easily found in specialty wedding dress stores. If the bride prefers, many of them also tailor.

If the bride’s intention is to rent the dress, Juliene is emphatic. “To rent, you have to pay close attention to the adjustments. Make sure it’s perfect, it’s a word of order. ”

Makeup, Hair And Bouquet: Tips To Complement The Look

Any item of the look that lengthens the silhouette helps accentuate unwanted curves. Hair and make-up are important allies when it comes to producing for the big day, as the brides consultant adds. “Everything should contribute to lengthen the features, eyes and face. As for hair, best to wear it attached to the back of the neck, without stretching too much on top of the head. Round cokes on the top of the head are not the most indicated, “he says.

Regarding the bouquet, the tip is for all brides. The recommendation of Élide is that higher brides prefer the elongated ones, while the lower brides should avoid the very round ones, preferring the more rounded ones asymmetrically. Juliene complements with another tip for brides plus size. “As we speak of a womanish type, I indicate large ships and colorful bouquets, which make a lot of contrast with the white of the dress.”

10 Models To Pick And Rake

Here are some of the models that are recommended for brides plus size and which you can choose to use at your wedding.