Plus Size Thigh High Boots

Do you love the look of thigh-high boots, but have trouble finding ones that fit your legs comfortably?If so, you share a problem with many other plus size women. It is often difficult to find fashionable shoes large women that fit fuller calves and thighs. Knowing where to shop and how to wear these bold boot styles can help you find the right look, sexy and seductive to fun and funky.

Where to Buy Thigh Boots

You may not be able to go into your store average unit or chain of retailers to find plus size thigh high boots, but that does not mean that different styles are not well within reach. Step outside of the norm and visit lingerie stores, costume shops, consignment stores and online boutiques to find thigh high boots that flatter your figure.

Plus Size Thigh High Boots

Discover some of the best places to buy plus size boots:

  • Woman offers in a variety of boot styles thigh-high in large widths and sizes.Available styles include: flat, riding boots in suede, curls and buckles.
  • Pierre Silber has wide boots up to a size 16. Shop for boots with platform lucite base, buckles and chunky heels.
  • Fantasia Wear offers several styles of plus size over-the-knee boots.Looks available include: 4-inch stilettos, platforms, leather, and lace-up.
  • A variety of thigh-high boots are available in several styles from funky pair of size up to 16. The colors are hot pink or baby, silver and gold.
  • Sin City has playwear high boots to fit calves up to 19 inches long and thighs measuring up to 26 inches.Available styles include: those with spiked heels, patent leather and laces.
  • Funky Boutique offers a variety of styles in sizes up to 15. Available looks include: leather boots that the cords on the back, polished boots, boots and unique imagination.
  • 3Wishes stocks stylish high boots in a variety of sizes and heel heights.Available styles include: sequin boots, stilleto heel boots, and buckle-embellished looks.
  • Torrid is ideal for younger women who want trendy styles at an affordable price.Find styles with a 4-inch heel, platform shoes and boots with lace up front.
  • Sinful Shoes has a large stock of sleek styled stretch patent leather thigh high boots in black, white or red has a large 5-inch platform heel and toe.

Take the width into consideration if you plan to wear boots over jeans or leggings because you will need more space for the best fit. Also keep in mind where you can wear boots, dictate the style chosen. For example, patent leather, lace-up styles would be inappropriate for the day.

How to Wear Them

Thigh boots are known for their sexy too, sometimes risqué nature, so it is important that you wear them with the right clothes and the appropriate times. Probably the biggest no-no when it comes to this style, especially when you’re plus size, is that you should not wear a mini skirt or dress. This is due to the fact that you tackle two extremes; the short length of the skirt / dress matched with the length of the height of the boot is overkill and can see the kind of trashy. However, skirts and dresses that fall just above the knee work quite well because most of the leg is covered, but enough is exposed to see the thigh high boot.

To get the most out of your boots, please bear with the largest number of pairs of jeans and leggings as you like, because extending the leg. Book flashy colors for the night as a lacing, bright color and paint.While leather, dark colors / neutral and minimal details are great for day wear.

Wear Boots With Style

Even over-the-knee boots often take to mind images of sexy bedroom scenes, they are also great to wear out of the bedroom. Don a sassy pair for a night on the town dressed in your favorite club wear.Slide your beautiful socks over tights and wear with the favorite skirt or jeans. Take them in a cold winter for extra warmth or simply because you love the look. If you want to make a fashion statement, spice up your love life or simply enjoy the stylish look of beautiful boots, you are sure to find a pair of thigh-high boots that fit perfectly into your bones and into your fashion wardrobe.