Plus Size Sports Look With Leggings, Racing And Tennis

Hello dear! Well, I don’t know if you all know but I’m a journalist from fashion and beauty, that is, my job makes me very comfortable about the clothes that I’m wearing so much to go to casual events and a meeting of a new project.

And last week I went to a meeting in MdeMulher to talk about a new very cool project (soon to tell you everything!), but soon after had my class at the Academy. So, I decided to make some adjustments in the plus size sports look, for him to be taken off to go to the meeting, but with some changes already to stayready for the Pilates class.

I explain below, first check the plus size sports look to go to the meeting:

♥Plus Size Sports Look To Go From Work To The Gym♥

Well, I ‘d rather do Academy of leggings and a t-shirt or tank top larguinha, I let my arms and legs well clear.So I put the black pants, which is more behaved to work and allows multiple combinations.

Some elements take the look plus size Sports Academy environment without losing the fun, such asnecklaces and the denim shirt tied at the waist. The sneakers New Balance also has a footprint more fashionthat the sneakers full of bumpers and the like. Other elements come only to give a touch of fun and somewhat surreal to look, as the plastic watch Kitty, backpack with Disney characters (from when I was a child in fact!) and sports shirt talking about working as a Chief (the pattern says: “don’t work as head, is the boss”).

The mixture of cheerful tones, open and very much alive takes the leggings that dilemma of “fat X legging pants”. Not to mention that the plus size sports look also deters the prejudiced idea that all fat is lazy.