Plus Size Monokini Swimsuits

The beauty is not measured by the volume of 90-60-90 or metric kilograms on board scales. All the girls are beautiful. Just any good in their own way. The couple is superfluous centimeter waist-not a reason to despair and give up on the eve hot days. In the end, designers offer a huge selection of swimwear and owners of magnificent proportions!

Full Charm, Fashion Swimwear For Donuts 2015

The basic rule: the more closed more elegant and stylish is your image on shore. Ruler of irregular shapes can fit as slytnыe and individual innovation bath. Only they should emphasize the roundness and splendor of unusual silhouette. And all the flaws and hide. To this end, leading brands have turned to small “tweaks.”

Fringe. The plus size bathing suit decorated in front of the actual fringe now, can divert attention from round belly, full hips. At the same time, always visually draws vertical silhouette.
Bathing-dress. Private beach dress with a short skirt is ideal for pyshnoteloy beauties that cover what we need to cover, while stressing the whole charm.
Accurate color and print. Displays using larger image. This may be relevant color “safari” or “hacks” big box (only diagonal!) Or animal print. Among plain colors better to choose bright, juicy colors. On the other hand, to abandon the classic blue, red, dull black. Although the latter is known to be “thin”.
Interesting details. Transparent inserts in the vicinity of the hips and waist, chest, visually reduce extra inches, adding spice to the image special chic.
Accessories. Light, chiffon tunic free cut and fly stylish pair will add notes. Also graceful play, hide full shoulders and legs weightlessness curtain fabrics.

Together or Separately, That Fashion Swimwear Ladies Choose a Full Season In 2015?

Individual or merger? The eternal question, not only for lovers of lush sun and sea bathing. Designers recommend experimenting, stopping at the end, the two versions.
Integral wear bathing. Low Cut logs, wide shoulder straps, comfortable bra – As for the distant 60s of last century. But the classic is known to be eternal! Moreover, this style is so unusual ladies of silhouette! But details such as contrasting strap under the breasts or playful bow harmoniously complement the vivid image.
Tankini. Win-win situation for delicious donuts! Only the shirt should be expanded and panties rather short shorts. Fortunately beat tankini help “right” print. For example, a large abstract color pattern, or always relevant peas.

Viscous. Knitted swimwear for the beach season has not gone consecutive top podium. The original Monokini in a large pack deep black or bright, saturated colors not only perfect girl “Rubens forms” but will look nontrivial and stylish.