Plus Size Fun T-Shirt And Leggings Printed

Hello dear, I always tell people to dress with personality and mine is very Gemini… I change every day! Today, especially, I’m feeling absolutely FUN vibe, and wanted a laundry more fun to hang out with friends at night.Gave no other: the combination of plus size t-shirt printed with fun and the butterfly legging was the perfect Union to express how I’m feeling. Is there anything better than overflowing in the clothes that you have inside?

Plus Size T-Shirt And Leggings Printed

Where To Buy:

Printed legging pants>Rouge Marie the direct link for the pants is this

Plus size t-shirt fun>Oh! Dear the direct link to the shirt is this

Platform Sandals>Zara

Bag P&B>Olook (no direct link because I bought at the Bazaar)

Cat necklace>Oh! Honey (also bought at the Bazaar and I can’t find the link)

Well, I had already spoken of plus size t-shirt here on the blog before, when I spoke of my best finds in theBazaar Pop Plus Size, remember? This store is like MARA in question and even has fun t-shirts 5 g, which is a camisetão ♥ to my big G, but is well dry on the body. The necklace is too and bought several super different accessories in the Bazaar. A hit!

As for pants, she is the Rouge Marie, one of my favorite stores and I live talking around here, it is a delight! In addition to this fun pattern and the face of summer, is the fabric that I love passion: neoprene. What makes it so hot to use and very comfortable. Besides having the high waist and let you feel without leaving the safe outside hua hua hua. Seriously, I enjoyed very much …

Then this sandal I’ve had a lot of readers asking, is the Zara. This platform is very great, because it makes you high and comfortable, since the foot is barely tilted. She gives a “heavy” in visual, there’s this more modern touch, so I prefer to match it more productions fashionistas or fun (as in this case).

Anyway, that’s it for today, Cougar, and now I have to go because I’m late to find the guys… hua hua hua. Like the look? Tell me everything in the comments and let’s go to my Facebook or my Instagram @ju_romano talk more