Plus Size Dress Buying Guides

Turquoise Dress with Blue and Black Butterfly

  • Very pretty dress with black and blue glittering butterflies on a beautiful turquoise background.
  • Elegant model with high neck both front and back.
  • The dress has the classic 50 ‘ length to just below the knee.
  • The narrow belt in imitation suede completes the style.
  • The dress zip in the back with a hidden zipper.
  • Forward addressed in cotton satin of high quality, with a bit of stretch, so it sits nice over the bust.

Plus Size Dress Buying Guides

Black Dress with Fur Effects

The dress is made by hoticle of a heavy viscous quality with stretch, so it sits really well. On the front has the dress super cool details of faux fur. It is slightly form-fitting and the back panel is composed of 4 courses, this provides is nice visual effect. The dress has dainty short sleeves and a round neckline. Use it with bare legs, leggings or tights-depending on weather and temperament.

Purple Dress with Embroidered Flowers

  • Beautiful purple dress with many fine embroidery details.
  • The dress is made a really delicious crinkled viscose quality of hoticle.
  • The round neckline trimmed with a light gray tape.

And the light gray color goes again in the beautiful embroidery with throw sting, all the way around the bottom of the dress, and on the sleeves. The fine embroidered flowers on front piece captures the gaze and tables that goes all the way around the dress and sleeves completes the style. It is really classic dress from hoticle with the are you are both comfortable and well dressed.

Black Dress with Beautiful Flowers and Flowing Skirt

The well-known dress with flowing skirt is now also available with print. This print is with flowers in the soft, pink, green, purple and beige colors on a black background, as well as birds and butterflies in a beautiful society. The dress has cross-closure, which emphasize the bust, and tie-strings at the sides, which is bound on her back and gets the waist forward on the most beautiful show. The material is heavy, which means that the skirt falls nice and so is the only super comfortable to wear.