Pink Powder Coating for a Wedding Decor

Natural elements accompanied by dusty pink, cream and antique silver are the protagonists of this beautiful wedding decoration. A very elegant wedding held in the Cela palace, organized by our dear wedding planner Love Lovely.
We move into a decoration in pink hues in a dance with a chic and stylish photographed byBokeh photography? A stylish and welcoming ceremony at a cave of stone decorated with candles and flowers, await you in this entry. Let’s go for it!

As you already know, the climate in the lands of the North are somewhat treacherous although on this occasion, the Sun accompanied this great day. That Yes, a few blankets and a stove were considered large in this beautiful wedding.
For the ceremony, as you said before, Ombú Studio flowers were the stars among which highlighted the astilbe, flower wax, dahlias, Thistles, eucalyptus in all its varieties, rose English, branched, unimportant and pink rose many roses! Because that was the wish of the bride. And, in addition, Love Lovely knew how to assemble a sunset in spectacular scene, don’t you think?
At the entrance, a nice seating plan was waiting for all the guests made up of a design of Weddink calligraphy and flowers, many flowers, common with all wedding decoration.
The appetizers were made in the gardens of the Manor House and so restored some old wine barrels family where a delicious cheese platter was.

And as we could not miss, the couple also tube its own Photo call prepared for the occasion: log cabin rustic, with role of Ralph Lauren and details decorative as the session for-wedding bride and groom photo frames, pots, two stylish chairs and many props! Because, oddly enough, it is one of the funniest wedding venues since all guests enjoy it.

This dusty wedding dinner was held in the light of the candles and therefore Love Lovely prepared some centerpieces consisting of a Brocade lanterns in old silver, to match the waiter, candle-filled and surrounded by flower used in wedding.
In addition, a beautiful and stylish sweet corner was expected near the area of gifts and the photo call.

The corner of gifts was a success. Prepared near the gate of the Manor, in this way the guests went to see him and collected their details in force bags before you leave (a good idea so that none forget their present). In the corner there was lots of detail: notebooks painted by hand by Clarilou, natural soaps of Syracuse, bottles of Hendricks Geneva, Meigamoura, La Chinata oil red fruit, home-made jams candles handmade vanilla and cans with Brownie and coffee for the morning of the wedding, all events on paper.
And if you’ve been wanting to see more, you can not miss the beautiful video of the wedding.

No doubt an organization and decoration excellent wedding that not missed or a detail. Isn’t it wonderful?

Organization and decoration Love Lovely | Dress of bride Joseph Maria Peiro (White day) | Costume boyfriend Maximum Dutti, tailored, personal tailoring | Place Palace This (La Penela, guide michelin) | Photography and video Bokeh photography | Invitations and seating Weddink calligraphy | Details of events in paper stationery | Florist Ombú Studio | Lighting Cablisena | Furniture outdoor living English leader Life style | Restoration, woodwork Photo booth custom made gifts, wood, Bastren restoration workshop details | Four photos photo booth | Cocktails Galicia Catering | Sweet Sweet place

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