Philips R7s Halogen

The R7s are small halogen of 78mm and 118mm long bars. They are much used in street lights and lights for very high radiation.

Halogen lights are great eaters of energy. A big foot lamppost consumes 300 to 400W. A halogen R7s lamp doesn’t work until 2000 h.

A question very often : “Can I replace my lamp R7s by LED?”

Our response : “Yes, it is possible. But we do not advise you. The LED technology is not advanced enough. »

We look at the current offer of R7s of Philips lamps. We compared tabular consumption and light output of deus measures ‘Eco halogen’.

Philips R7s halogen

Width Power Lumen
118 mm 400W 8500 lumen
118 mm 300W 4500 lumen
118 mm 160W 2730 lumen
118 mm 120W 2110 lumen
78 mm 120W 2110 lumen
78 mm 80W 1415 lumen
78 mm 48W 775 lumen

The light output looks great but it oscillates between 15 and 20 lumen per watt. The LED is much more powerful and can produce more lumen from a watt.

But the big stumbling block, it’s limited space in which the lamp R7s LED must be installed. The frames are specifically designed to install a small very thin pipe of 78 or 118mm. The technique of the LED, for the moment, still needs more space for the driver and the dissipation of the heat.


  • A diameter of 55mm is often too wide for frames or streetlights on foot
  • Their shape is not elegant
  • Much less energy consumption, but less performance
  • Very often they are not dimmable

Our LED providers can already produceampes LED R7sl, but their quality does not yet meet our requirements. The average LED R7s 78mm produces a light between 400 and 600 lumen output. The 118mm R7s LED produces 800 to 1000 lumen. Megaman produced maximum 450 lumen (78mm) and 600 lumen (118mm).