Philips Brings New Hue Lamps With Spotlights

New lamps for networked lighting accents: lamps for the Smart lighting system hue there as reflector lamps for accent lighting. The new hot GU10 and can connect with other lamps and lighting of the hue family and control wirelessly via Smartphone or tablet.

In everyday life especially interesting: hue users can at the GU10 lamps also any nuances of white light set: warm white for cozy evenings, strong, cold whiter light to read or some brilliant white to accentuate images, works of art, decoration.

In other words: when purchasing a lamp, it is no longer necessary to set a certain tone of white by this white light control. And across the entire spectrum of white, also deliver up to 16 million shades GU10 reflector lamps hue.

Anyone wanting to shape the lighting within his four walls extremely versatile, can the new GU10 lamps other hue products connect – for example, the LivingColors Bloom and LED LightStrips of series ‘friends of hue”.

Hue can be living spaces with light components and offers numerous possibilities: the networked lighting system creates personal favourite colours on request, creates evocative atmospheres or brings back the mood of precious memories on the basis of the colour combinations on photos.

Hue base packages include three lamps for E27 standard screw-in versions or GU10 socket, as well as a bridge to connect with the local Wi-Fi router; It is controlled by means of hue-app. The software is regularly updated and extended to keep hue users always up to date of digital lighting design.

Hue offers a wide range of uses. For example…

“Wow” effects for the holidays: whether with color effects, impress guests or family create the perfect atmosphere for cosy hours – hue the matching light delivers to every evening. Hue app users from predefined lighting moods or a color palette choose the colour that suits their mood, their interiors or the situation. Lighting scenes can be saved and use again.

Take advantage of the biological effects of light: when the winter comes, the right lighting can affect home positive mood and well-being. The hue app can be generated easily different shades of white. Based on research on the biological effects of light, the app provides four predefined “light recipes”. They produce the optimum colour temperature and light intensity tank either to read, relax, concentrated working, or the energy.

Light connect Internet services: the automation service FOURSQUARE (If this then That) users can use hue combine a variety of events. For example, the lighting attractive to rain their livery can adapt, simulate gently brightening sunrises or refer to incoming emails and the beginning of television broadcasts.

More and more hue apps: Thanks to a growing number of hue apps in the app store and Google play the application spectrum of the system is still growing: for example, hue lighting adapt to the rhythm of music and can turn the living room into a disco . And Ambilight + hue app extends the colour mood of film scenes Ambilight TV on whole living space – watching TV gets so a completely new dimension.

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