Phicomm Passion: Google Apps As a Stumbling Block

Conclusion: The Phicomm passion in test with good workmanship, design and fixed performance stands out. The acoustics disappointed, as well the test photos. No-go: The clear system without Google Apps causes problems when installing certain applications from the play store via Electronicsmatter.

The technical data of the Phicomm sound passion for a 300 Euro expensive mobile phone quite interesting: the Smart phone offers a 5-inch full HD display, an OCTA-core CPU, a dual SIM function (SIM1 2G/3G/4G, SIM2 2G), LTE and a 13 megapixel camera. Also the case leaves a positive impression in spite of dominant plastic. In the test is however quickly, that Phicomm has saved in the passion for these data in critical locations. The system of our test device Phicomm is even the weirdest way we have seen so far in the test.

Phicomm Passion: Unusual Design, Good Performance

The Phicomm consists of a plastic unibody with metal frame passion. Who here suggested cheap goods, is wrong, because the passion is extremely solid and well processed. By the very angular design and matte-black color, it is also the most competitive products and looks almost like a business phone.

The OCTA-core processor with 1,5 GHz clock provides together with the Adreno 405 and the 2 GB memory for enough power to power the system liquid. This combination is sufficient even for complex games. Large internal memory, which can be extended by additional 64-GByte microSD card is unusual in this class of 32 Gbytes. However the SD slot shares a space with the Nano-SIM, so no dual-SIM operation when inserted card is possible – here you must thus decide for one or the other. The full HD resolution of 5-inch displays that sharp can represent even smaller fonts, as well as the contrast of 173:1 I like us in the test. With around 305,3 cd / m² is the screen but not particularly bright. Because the display is also strong, the use particularly in brilliant sunshine might be difficult. Surf too long we can’t with the passion anyway: after already 6:29 hours the phone in the surf test shuts off because the battery is empty.

Phicomm passion: weak acoustic or weaker camera

In contrast to the pace of work and look the acoustics or the 13 can convince mega pixel camera: phoning the 2,300 mAh battery holds out very good 10:16 hours, the voice quality is with the noise to be heard clearly and the tinny voices but below average. The hands-free function is difficult to use due to the miserable intelligibility on fixed network page. You are also not worthy of even under optimal conditions of noisy, distorted and poor detail photos a Smartphone in this price class.In low light and Flash shots even some cheap phones do better what lies above all on the extreme color noise, produced the camera of our test device.

Phicomm Passion: System In The Sand

The Phicomm passion is a very special Smartphone on the German market in one respect because it offers the Google play store though, but waives the other Google apps like maps, Gmail, YouTube, play music and the photos app. This is unusual because the installation of the store according to Google guidelines really only with the installation of other Google apps such as just maps is allowed. Phicomm could not call us so far for details on demand.Also Google is silent about and refers us instead merely to “Licensing Google’s mobile services”, in which, however no details are also called.

Basically this decision on the part of Phicomm would be anyway, eventually, this saves disk space and not every player would like to use the Google apps. However a completely different problem arises here: lacks some Google binaries at the system level, thus it can happen that certain apps are not executable. The number of incompatible apps should keep within limits – are we in the test about “Öffi – timetable” and “PayPal” is likely to be nevertheless noticed-for some users a K.O. criterion. The binaries are not simply add only about a root plus interventions at the system level. For lay people a challenge.

The Android 4.4.4 system itself was also visually greatly changed compared to the original version and also modified by elements such as a motion control and a dual-SIM management. Phicomm has its own apps pre-installed, including a pedometer, a file manager, and a compass. Still: For the incompatibility to some apps, we must deduct points in the overall score.

Phicomm Passion: Alternative

Competition is there in the price much, as the LG G3: The Smartphone running Android 5, has a decent pace of work, an extremely sharp display with a resolution of 2,560 x 1,440 pixels, as well as an excellent camera. That LG G3 for round 350 Euro. What you need to avoid the G3 however, is the dual-SIM feature. If you attach importance but just make sure that Honor 4 X a look at. The Smartphone offers although not a full HD display and is relatively heavy with 173 grams, but boasts a balanced performance and LTE speed. In addition, the honor is 4 X with a retail price of 200 eurovery cheap.