Pearl Spx-28: Pearl Cell Phone for 229 Euro in Check

Conclusion: Even the ‘reduced’ price of 229 euros is still too high set for the Pearl SPX-28. Up on the quality of the display, which should be standard in this price segment, we find anything positive on the Pearl Smart phone.

Pearl SPX-28: Display Okay, Little Extras

For the currently requested 229 euro you get a dual-SIM phone with decent HD display. HD is also the least size of 5 inches. As additional positive aspects only USB-On-the-go and the dual-SIM feature invade us.

Pearl SPX-28: Connections OS & Price Check

The standard interfaces are on board. With Bluetooth, it was enough only for 3.0. Even with entry-level smart cell phones around 100 euros, Bluetooth 4.0 is now standard vai The operating system Android 4.2 no longer belongs to the latest generation. Comes an update? According to simvalley is it “not in planning”. This statement against the background of the formerly recommended selling price of 449,90 euros is pretty cheeky.

Pearl SPX-28: A Problem Bottomless

The internal flash memory of the SPX-28 contains only 3 GB. Of which are almost 2 GB free of charge. Who wants to try the camera directly after the first start, won’t get far without a microSD card. Because without them you can make no images or screenshots for small internal memory. Supplied a microSD card? I’m afraid not. Also the performance of the batteries is underground with an online-runtime 3:49 hours.Ultimately, the camera decides this dance with noisy and blurry indoor and outdoor scenes.

Pearl Spx-28: Alternative

An alternative is that Sony Xperia Z. It’s around 40 euros more expensivethat you received but also tremendously more. It offers LTE, a display in full HD, a better camera, a much more powerful battery, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC and a larger Flash and memory. Whom that’s not enough, an update on Android 4.4 is already rolled out and the Xperia is protected to IP55 and 58 against dust and water.