Passaggio Cravatte Part I – Background & Company

In a world where consumption, financial options, and fast fashion dominates more and more, it is sometimes nice to pause and try to find their way back to the feeling of quality, craftsmanship and the person behind the product, and not least the feeling of getting something produced exclusively for you. All this defines the small Italian manufacturer Passaggio Cravatte. A company that according to many manufactures the world’s finest neckties.

The background to the company was that the founder Gianni Cerruti felt a lack of what once was. clothing and neckties were produced less and less for the customer and he always saw the same pattern and options and wanted to create the possibility for the customer to produce their drömslips in form, materials that construct. About three years ago, in 2010, he and his partner Marta Passaggio to make dream a reality and founded the company Passaggio Cravatte.

The company’s Office is located in Milan but has all its production in Naples where Passaggio produces some of Italy’s and the world’s finest ties entirely by hand. Several of the seamstresses have worked with the complex steps in making a completely hand-sewn tie throughout their adult lives, and despite the company’s young age, there is an enormous expertise in the field.

Passaggio Cravatte don’t believe in ready-made neckties but produces exclusively customised products made to order according to customer requirements. It can move about pocket squares, scarves, bow ties or the company’s most exclusive 7-fold ties where the customer has the opportunity to get just the length, width and shape of which are in demand with the details as an unlined design, hand-rolled edges in abot trades as often called “untipped edge’s” giving or easy and free trades.

The company has no physical stores but more than happy to visit their clients in their home, Office or hotel for a consultation about what they want. They do not have the opportunity to meet in person, Gianni also in contact with many of its customers by phone or mail.

Gianni maintain that they want to remove from the current focus on quantities and prefer instead to have a limited production in which a large focus can be on each individual customer. A tailor-made tie shall be about personality, crafts, and exclusivity.

What distinguishes Passaggio Cravatte is perhaps, above all, the craftsmanship and the limited access. Many manufacturers are diligent to call their products “handmade” even when in large part are machines that are involved. In the Passaggio Cravatte, Gianni not a single maskinsytt stitch involved allowing a whole different responsiveness in the tie.

Many of the company’s ties are produced in stored silk and such fabric will last for approximately four ties which means that you as a customer are unlikely to encounter someone with a similar tie. Passaggio Cravatte, in addition to the length and width offer a variety of designs on their ties, depending on the material and feel that the customer is looking for. Everything from unlined trades in light constructions to hearty 7-fold ties in the most exclusive silk.

The eminent stilskribenten Simon Crompton as, among other things, writes for the magazine The Rake and the own this page Permanently Style wrote for almost exactly a year ago a very interesting article about Passaggio Cravatte which we warmly recommend.


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