Palomino Tent Trailer

Today I Write About Palomino Tent Trailer, This Caught My Attention In The First Edition Of The Rv Expo 2016, Headquartered In The City Of Novo Hamburgo/Rs, In Fair Was Presented Numerous Options Of Houses On Wheels, Such As Trailers, Rv’s, Automotive Tents And Trailers.

In this post I’ve been presenting the trailer Palomino Tent Trailer 8 LTD, this model can be a good option for you who loves to travel by car, the famous “road trips”,being a good alternative for travelers who do not have much purchasing power, but has the dream to travel or spend some time on the road, without letting go of the comfort of your home.

About the company:

The company founded in 1989, has as its main goal the reduction of the distance between the plant and its consumers, over the years, due to an increase of products in this segment as trailers and RV’s, soon became an important reference in the performance of technical assistance and reform of these types of vehicles.

The Itu Trailer located in the city of Itu/SP is manufacturer and supplier of trailers operating in the Brazilian market, in addition you can find on your website new, used vehicles, accessories and parts of this thread so that you find the best option to make the journey of your dreams.

More information about  Palomino Tent Trailer can be obtained from the website:

Presentation of the model:

Accommodates up to 6 people, has internal coating, laminate external finish in Gel Coat, fiberglass ceiling without seams, stamped steel chassis, wait for gas canister, 4 manual support shoes, retractable door, spare tire, front door with screen musketeer, skylight with hood, Windows with mosquito nets, two beds with high density mattress, couch, desk with Cabinet , LED lighting, refrigerator, stove that can be installed inside or outside of the tent, alarm with smoke and gas detectors. It also has an external awning can be opened to enlarge the space and comfort of your camp. This trailer can be transported by automobiles from 1.6 BMWs.

This model can make your travel dreams come true.

Internal photos of the Palomino model 8 LTD:

Palomino Tent Trailer


-Air Conditioner 13,500 BTU;

-AM/FM Stereo, blue touch;

-Aluminum wheels.

Editing can be done in less than 15 minutes by only one person. Watch the video:

This is an option for those who like to venture out, but at the same time, need a good space and comfort and are unwilling to purchase a motor home or sleep in tents.

Photo Gallery:

Technical specifications:

-Tare weight (weight of the trailer): 740 kg

-PBT (total gross weight): 1,174 kg

-Load capacity: 435 kg

-High body height: 2.4 m

-Total length: 5.10 m

-Total length closed: 3.90 m

-Closed body height: 1.30 m

-Width: 2.20 m