Palm Pre Plus

The rumor mill bubbling fiercely, now it’s official: the mobile farmer struggling years Palm is taken over by HP. What made the new owner to purchase, is clear: Palms acclaimed operating system WebOS.

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WebOS should herald the revival of the tradition manufacturer last year together with the Palm Pre, but sales remained below expectations. Whether the successor to Palm Pre plus the leaf can contact?

The pre plus is indistinguishable from its predecessor look only at a few places. Palm waives the button on the front, and the back cover – so far that comes in now shiny plastic – a matte soft-touch finish. Thus, he is less slippery immune to finger fat, and gives a much nicer feel to the whole.

The sliding mechanism works better and has less game; Although he is not entirely wobble free, in the test that but never bothered. What remains is the small but successful keyboard for easy text input. The biggest change is inside: Palm has doubled the storage to less than 15 gigabytes.

Freedom of gesture control

What remains is also the elegant operation. Instead of having to press buttons given to the touch-sensitive touch screen on the Palm owners using gestures communicates with his Smartphone. Part of this control concept is the gently arched surface under the screen is also touch-sensitive next to the display. Firstly, to learn the gestures – an interactive introduction offers a brief training session after the first turn – and then we can start already.

The sensor box is very easy to reach with extended keyboard with your thumb. You move the thumb upwards, opens and closes the menu, a movement from right to left, leads into the next higher menu level or send an application in the background at the top level.

While active programs running in the background, usually out of sight, WebOS placed a smaller view down on the standby screen – so you can quickly switch between active programs. To completely stop an application, simply sliding it upwards out of the display. The gestures are learned quickly and feel safe to have the device in the handle the user after a short time – when some Smartphone platform, it is rather the other way around.

As an alternative to the gesture control, WebOS offers an universal search. It starts when typing a letter from the stand out. When you first enter, all applications are listed, starting with the corresponding letters, from the second letter, the contacts are also searched. Is to find anything in the device memory, WebOS proposes an Internet search and provides multiple search engines to choose from: Google, Google maps, Twitter and Wikipedia.

Times fast in the network

Generally, the pre plus easy access to the Internet provides. In addition to wireless LAN, HSDPA up to 3.6 Mbit / s allows for fast downloads. No UMTS is available, EDGE jumps in. While SMS under the menu item “Messaging” something hidden, the pre in the delivery State of the standby screen provides a direct link to the E-Mail client that can display messages in HTML format.

The connection to Exchange Server is possible. Here such as when surfing in the Internet through the successful browser, however as the iPhone can not Flash, the view can be two-finger zoom in and out.

With YouTube and Google maps, you can find two popular Internet services, to Facebook, a link on the page optimised for the mobile network is installed. The pre offers a GPS receiver to determine location in Google maps, to the geotagging of photos from the 3-megapixel camera with LED flash replacement, but also for use with Google services. Yet however no manufacturer in the program has a navigation software.

Such as iPhone and Android is also the pre plus for a typical American. Much of the basic equipment, we get reliably supplied by the handset makers, missing starters: environment profiles, a file manager, a voice recorder, an FM radio, an alarm clock that works with the instrument switched off, or the ability to sync the pre locally with MS Outlook.

As help for self-help – also an American virtue – a source for little helpers can be found with the so-called app catalog. The online-shop for additional programs, which recently also paid tools are, is open, worked in the test reliably, offers but not the selection of Apple’s AppStore or the Android market by far – thats a real shortcoming.

Lean endurance, good sound

Also the battery is somewhat scarce, after good four and a half hours of continuous use, the pre plus on the socket must be. For this, the sound on the phone is very good especially in the conversation partner. GSM reception our test device somewhat worse truncates than its predecessor in the UMTS network for something better.

Overall, the device of the successful user interface lives. Easily, it will not have nevertheless WebOS. With the pre plus is the platform but sure new fans will find. Especially since having the Smartphone at Vodafone is.

Audio format: MP3 / WMA / M4A / AAC / / /
Video player / full screen display /
Video format: 3GP / MP4 / WMV / /
Integrated camera / resolution (mega pixels) / 3
GPS receiver
Dimensions (H x W x D in mm) 100 x 60 x 17
Weight (grams) 137
Endurance D power (hours) 7:05
Stamina E-Netz (hours) 8:07
Endurance UMTS (hours) 2:49
type. Endurance (hours) 4:36
Standby time days (days) 17
standard radiation factor / SAR value (-/ W / kg) 0.18 / 0,787
Endurance (max. 115) satisfactory (84)
Endurance conversation / operation (80) 57
Endurance standby (35) 27
Facilities (max. 175) satisfactory (118)
System (15) 13
Scope of delivery (10) 4
Display (30) 22
Connectivity (20) 15
Phone functions (15) 9
Messaging (15) 12
PIM (15) 10
Office (10) 6
Web browser (10) 9
Camera (10) 4
Music and video (10) 7
Features (5) 0
Navigation (10) 7
Handling (max 125) good (104)
Manageability (30) 22
User interface (70) 64
Processing quality (20) 15
Documentation / support (5) 3
Measurements (max. 85) good (64)
Transmission and reception quality GSM (33) 22
Transmission and reception quality UMTS (17) 10
Acoustic measurements send (17.5) 17.5
Acoustic measurements receiving (17.5) 14
CONNECT sentence maximum 500 points satisfactory (370)
tested in issue: 06 / 10


Endurance talk (35)
Persistence display mode (65)
System (15)
Scope of delivery (10)
Display (40)
Connectivity (15)
Phone features (10)
Messaging (15)
PIM (15)
Office (5)
Web browser (15)
Camera (15)
Music and video (10)
Navigation (5)
Ease of handling
User interface
Processing quality
Transmission and reception quality GSM (30)
Transmission and reception quality UMTS (30)
Acoustic measurements send (15)
Acoustic measurements receiving (15)
tested in issue: 06/10
CONNECT sentence maximum 500 points