Pajamas Sonhart

Founded in May 1992, the Paraná brand Sonhart, comes by expanding considerably the sale of their products of excellent quality. Specializing in providing people a good night of sleep and rest, and always in tune with the market, the network has various lines of sleepwear, Nightgowns, bathrobes, slippers, accessories, linens and duvets.

Combining quality, comfort and beauty to its products, the Sonhart produces parts that display beautiful drawings and prints ugly with great quality and finishing fabrics.

Showing that fashion should extend dese the start of the day until bedtime, the Sonhart offers modern and versatile products. One of the boss brand cars are the famous and cute pajamas;

Graceful and extremely comfortable, the PJ’s of Sonhart are considered as one of the most beautiful and used in the country. Made of 100% cotton and feature stylish and funny prints, for all tastes and ages.

One of the biggest consumers, children earn special attention. With a super cute children’s line, the small customers are entitled to pajamas, bodysuits, pagãozinho, slipper, bathrobe, and line ranging from the baby (from 0 to 4 years), to the line of children and youth (up to 14 years).

The Pajamas are also produced with high-quality meshes, using light and fresh fabrics. Concerned with the maximum comfort of its guests in all seasons, the brand also offers short pajamas, ideal in the summer, and warm pajamas, custom-made for the winter.