Helmet Audio P3

Is no longer need for Bowers & Wilkins, specialist almost fiftieth of the loudspeaker to including the mythical Nautilus, flagship of the group recognised as one of the best systems in the world.

B & W has created the surprise in 2010 with the launch of the P5, a high-end luxurious manufacturing quality audio headphones was matched only by its sound reproduction all in refinement. Today we discover its little brother, the P3.

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Top 5 Cheap Quiksilver Sweatshirts of 2017

Sweatshirts are very useful, practical and versatile, a piece that is essential in any wardrobe because of the many possibilities offered.

Quiksilver sweatshirts are synonymous with quality and, therefore, a very interesting purchase. In this comprehensive guide, we offer you 2 sections that will help you make the best choice according to your needs and budget:

  1. the best cheap Quiksilver sweatshirts of 2017
  2. what keep in mind when buying a Quiksilver Sweatshirt

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Remix OS Is Already at Peace with Licenses

Jide has filled headlines this month after launching its Android for PC Remix OS version, although some of them were not too favorable. Apparently, rush let overlook something so important as respect licenses two of its main components: the flasher’s Remix OS and Android – x 86.

When the community was echoed that the flasher’s Remix OS, fundamental part of the installation process, was based on UNetbootin, licensed under GPL, began has wonder why Remix OS not distributing the source code of the modified version. Already with the fly behind the ear, some users began to consider also whether Remix OS would be no violating another license, the of Android – x 86 (in this case Apache with some GPL components). Continue reading “Remix OS Is Already at Peace with Licenses”

Sony Working on an Xperia X Premium with HDR Display

During the last MWC, Sony has introduced its new range of smartphone Xperia X, designed to replace the current Z line. Among the three models shown, Xperia X Performance represents the new top of the range of Japanese, featuring a 5 GB of RAM memory and SoC FullHD, “Qualcomm Snapdragon 820.

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Speakers Magico V 2

Magico builds the world’s best and most expensive boxes. Even the entry-level model Magico V 2 (20000 euro) is the world’s elite behind him.

  1. Speakers Magico V 2
  2. stereoplay service: screw-down precision
  3. Data sheet

Munich, may 2009: everywhere on the high end there is the usual hectic short pure listening and again go. But in Room D 119 visitors as tied up sit upstream of the system. Perhaps, because hardly a music (we’re talking of course about canning) is ever so naturally and rousing-plastic like with these speakers Magico had M 5. Probably, because here so clearly was, Hi-Fi can be beautiful. And although everyone knew that it was a fairly expensive fun, they listened as the (5 M euros 100_000), the response was euphoric. I have never experienced it in over 20 years, in which I now visit the high end, that a demonstration across all storage so unanimously to the “best sound of the show” was chosen. Continue reading “Speakers Magico V 2″

WhisperPush, Secure Messaging of CyanogenMod, Us Says Goodbye

If you have installed CyanogenMod on the last two years (and you should), you’ve probably encountered WhisperPush, the implementation of secure cyanogenmod messages. If you’re that, instead of closing the window and install WhatsApp, you’ve been using this service, sorry to inform you that you will no longer have support in ten days, February 1, 2016.

WhisperPush you could send and receive texts encrypted between CyanogenMod users or to use Signal / TextSecure. Although the latest version of CyanogenMod has not already WhisperPush, previous versions since 10.2, when it was introduced for the first time, will also be affected. Continue reading “WhisperPush, Secure Messaging of CyanogenMod, Us Says Goodbye”

High Visibility Bicycle Lights

Adjustable harness with light for high-visibility bike-Velgo

This original system of signage for lovers of two wheels, ensures commented high visibility during the trip. Back lighting switch x 4 is also suitable for cyclists than bikers or even the joggueurs. It offers a very high level of visibility in low light.

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How to Unlock a Samsonite Suitcase

Samsonite is a brand dedicated to the manufacture of travel bags and bags. Among its product lines are suitcases that contain a combination lock or padlock. These small locks provide a barrier to prevent theft. The locks that quickly lock and unlock the suitcase are ideal for travel. To unlock them you must use a combination or the padlock key. Continue reading this article from Our site and find out how to unlock a Samsonite bag.

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Avorio Transrotor Turntable + 2500 Gold Ring

The reference scanner Lyra Titan i the Transrotor Avorio (2740 euros) with the stereoplay highlight Pro-Ject PerspeX (4/08) could catch up with

  1. Avorio Transrotor turntable + 2500 gold ring
  2. Data sheet

Transrotor was always a manufacturer who could offer priced subsidised solutions – thanks to its lush modular system and the fact that Chief Jochen Rake has also the gold ring systems in distribution. For this test, he has the Avorio 25/60 in addition to engine electronics constant Studio with the tonearm TR 2500 married Goldring 800s and the pickup and attached to a weight of plates. Rake makes even more interesting the whole thus dropping the price instead of the sum of the parts of 3125 euros in a bundle of 2740 euros. Continue reading “Avorio Transrotor Turntable + 2500 Gold Ring”

High Heels, Improper Bra Sizes And Textile Chemistry Make Life Difficult

Who wants to be beautiful must suffer? If clothing makes sick

Karl Lagerfeld is not only for its famous collections, but also for a stylistically momentous statement: “who wears jogging pants, has lost control of his life.” Now, it can be about taste is known to not fight, even if it must be painful for the eyes or the ego of the Couturier. That however many garments from different reasons make you sick, cannot be denied even a Lagerfeld.

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Anna Nooshin Presents Seductive Lingerie Collection

Hot it was on June 2 in Amsterdam and we mean not the weather.

In a small exclusive events, Anna Nooshin presented their first common lingerie collection with Hunkemöller. The beautiful Dutch girl has already as a blogger, Vloggerin, TV presenter and author made a name in the fashion scene.

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6.0 Android Marshmallow Becomes The First Sony Xperia Z 13 CyanogenMod Thanks

In the midst of the careers of major manufacturers to see who gets to upgrade before their ships logo to the new version of Android, an old and forgotten old rocker has advanced a few the instigation of the community. It’s the footballer Sony Xperia Z launched at the beginning of the past 2013.

Sony decided to leave this device support by leaving it in the ANdroid version 5.1.1, but has recognized Olivier of XDA developer managed to launch the alpha’s a version of CyanogenMod 13 for it that gives a step wrong taking version 6.0, and the first to try it say that it is fairly functional. Continue reading “6.0 Android Marshmallow Becomes The First Sony Xperia Z 13 CyanogenMod Thanks”

Alarm Clock Sunrise: Our Top 3

Manage Your Rest Naturally

Dawn Simulator…

When do you wake up, you feel like you’ve hardly slept? Does it cost a world to get up? An effective remedy: the dawn alarm clock. Knowing that sleep is a third of our life, we can understand the essential role that rest plays for our health. With the  progressive light alarm clock our brain receives a signal to begin the stage of awakening. As the light intensifies, an electrical activity informs the brain to begin the transition from stage to complete awakening. In this way your day begins well with a natural awakening.

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Herschel Little America Backpack

Many wonder: what carry-on choose to what destination? On the market, the choices are wide: bag or suitcase, hard or soft, cabin, or XXL, trolley or without castors… Simply choose the one that seems most convenient. Remember that for travel to the United States, the presence of a padlock approved TSA on your luggage is essential.

If you plan to do trekking, mountaineering or hiking for your next outing for the weekend, fall for the Little America of Herschel backpack. Practical and elegant, the leading brand of the backpack Herschel showed its true

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Cartridge Replacement

When the adjustment of the pickup you should aim visually whether the needle holder with the longitudinal lines lines up the stencil.

A pickup adjustment although isn’t rocket science, but required accessories and experience. Therefore, it is generally useful to leave the Abbot Aster installation the dealer. If you would like to try it yourself, a template and a pickup scale are a must. First should be screwed in the pickup in the headshell, mN a low tracking force of 15 (equivalent to 1.5 grams) and be set the anti-skate to zero. Then, to align the sound box with the template. You should not watch on the system body, but on the fact that the needle holder with the longitudinal lines lines up. Continue reading “Cartridge Replacement”

Music, Companion Of Fatigue

Hello virajeros,

In today’s post I’d like to talk about an accessory that always accompanies me in my workouts, an aquatic mp3. I took the model “Delight”, the simplest model. If we are looking for a very precise mp3, indicating us distance traveled, pace, etc. maybe we need some more technical, but if only we want entertainment and disconnect the thinking of all our daily chores, with one simple as this is enough. Continue reading “Music, Companion Of Fatigue”

Ellipse d’Or: Oval watch by Patek Philippe

Left the REF.No. 3738/100J-012. Right the REF.No. 3738/100R-001 of the ellipse d’Or by Patek Philippe.

Ellipse d’Or, in German “ellipse made of gold”, is the eloquent name of men’s Watch, which belongs to the champions of the collection by Patek Philippe. With its oval casing has the otherwise simple clock recognition. Continue reading “Ellipse d’Or: Oval watch by Patek Philippe”