Google Gets Seriously and Rejects Applications with The “Flappy” Word in The Name

Like it or not, the game Flappy Bird It has had a much larger effect of which many hoped, being one of the most popular games even after they retire the Google Play game. Have emerged dozens of games adapted and clones to taking advantage of that people want games to replace the original, but will be rather more difficult to scratch downloads. Continue reading “Google Gets Seriously and Rejects Applications with The “Flappy” Word in The Name”

When Phone Calls With Whatsapp Is Useful

Recently, you can talk Android with WhatsApp. You should not be surprised that you are using data volume on the way. Instead of using classic tips on consumption, you can check with us when making calls with WhatsApp. And above all: even better than other communication channels!

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Colorful Fashion Jewelry Made of Glass Is the Trend

The temperatures have already cracked the 20 ° C mark in many places, so it is clear:Spring is – and the summer is not far either. Not only is there enough reason to sit in the sun with the sunglasses and enjoy the warming rays, but also to take a look at one of the year’s jewelery trends for the warm season:fashion jewelry made of glass in bright colors.

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Stereoplay – Tips & Tricks

The Mac OS X operating system automatically selects the highest sample rate and adjusts the data provided by iTunes by upsampling.

As the testers were amazed not bad as the D/A converter of a Ayre and PS signaled stoically 96 kilohertz sampling frequency audio for iTunes playback via Mac – even if the files in the/44 CD 16 have been played. The cause was quickly found: similar as computer screens connected converter inform on the USB port all their available sampling rates the computer. The Mac OS X operating system automatically selects the highest and adjusts the data provided by iTunes by upsampling. Continue reading “Stereoplay – Tips & Tricks”

Are Colored Socks in Style

In bigolook Monday I told you about my dislike for a certain combination decollete and pants + stockings, even with very low temperatures. My aversion to tights then continues at 360 degrees, so even with skirts, shorts and dresses. I do not know, I always had a contentious relationship with stockings. Will be that 99% of the outfits that I create I see them ten thousand times better without socks! Abolished altogether, for me, the flesh-colored stockings , in my opinion, are really unsightly in any situation and age, the only port that are exclusively black opaque or semi-opaque. Nada, I can not even with sheer black!

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Google Play Already Gives More Benefits in Spain That The App Store of Apple to The Most Popular Applications

For a good time Spain is the bastion of Android in Europe, where dominates with an overwhelming advantage to having more than 90% of market share. However, although Android always have that position of dominance, not only in Spain but in several other countries, so far they have been versions of iOS which generated more revenue to developers. Continue reading “Google Play Already Gives More Benefits in Spain That The App Store of Apple to The Most Popular Applications”

Knog Blinder V4 Review

No Ordinary Night, No Ordinary Light.

Being curious by nature, it is during my visit to the village of the Roc d’Azur that my gaze on an aquarium placed on a table. Inside are a dozen lighting that work despite the fact that they are immersed… I love the idea…  Let’s go further by testing these famous brand Knog products…

After a great contact with officials of the stand, go for kilometres of fixie tests (and somewhat in ATV) Blinder V4 version.

The brand…

Launched in March 2003 by Hugo Davidson and Malcolm McKechnie, KNOG is a brand of cycling accessories based in Australia. They currently export in more than 46 different countries. Knog, is fun! The creation of
the name comes from an English expression transformed using (to simplify) a contraction between Noggin (Noggin) and kick K (impact!).

As they claim themselves, they draw their inspiration all over the world. All urban cultures themselves in their ranges of accessories with designs very original.

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Cheapskate Tip Brush Cleaner

There are people who find me cheap. I find myself price conscious and save where it doesn’t bother me. Other people find wasteful to me. I can not deny that, as in other parts of my life, I rather deal with consumption. I am one of the people who have everything in the household by Aldi by Prada – always so, as it is consistent just for me. Now miser or Schwendrian – useless consumed (and therefore also paid and zugemutete the environment) products always annoy me. Therefore, I try products no matter what kind to use sparingly. This saves money, protects the environment and delays the need to buy time. Continue reading “Cheapskate Tip Brush Cleaner”

Jewelry That James Bond Himself Would Wear

The Style check of James Bond from last week showed that the agent of Her Majesty while always fully wants it all in his missions. While choosing his outfits but still discreetly restrained. There he prefers to go back to classics of the masculine fashion, such as the black suit in combination with a white shirt and a pair of black Oxford shoes. At accessories, he shines with cufflinks and a high-quality wristwatch.

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AV Receiver Harman AVR 760

In the heights of carefully Bumble and untenrum powerful rich: Also in surround acted Harman AVR 760 (2,500 euros) as a sympathetic bear.

  1. AV receiver Harman AVR 760
  2. Data sheet

First of all, the new Harman introduces the HiFiisten who wants to short time connect a CD player, and “listen”, puzzles. Back to find only with “analog 1″ up to “5” labeled stereo inputs and front no input selector. Then he presses without result on “Menu” and then it inevitably engages the manual. That tells him that calls these tipsters USB and Ethernet source and that he must set up CD via “AVR”. At this time, ran a monitor which shows the beautiful graphics of control should at the latest. And then there is a submenu test (while in the still silence every now and again, a fan is audible), whether the dynamic brake Dolby volume on all (!) “out” is available. Continue reading “AV Receiver Harman AVR 760″

Google Play Announces Its Festival of Independent Games for September 24

Google Play Premiere festival of independent games, the first edition of the Indie Games Festival will the escape be perfect for that independent developers they can show the public their Games, and on Saturday will take place 24 September in the Terra Gallery of San Francisco.

In the first edition of Google Play Indie Games Festival only eligible developers United States and Canada that have been published on Google Play a independent game from 1 January 2016 or who will do so before the end of the year. Continue reading “Google Play Announces Its Festival of Independent Games for September 24″

Choosing the Right Earrings For Your Baby

A fairly common decision among the parents of a newborn, especially if it is a girl, is to put your baby on earrings.And although there are parents who prefer to wait until their daughter is older and can decide for herself, many are inclined to put small earrings to her baby within a few days, or even within a few hours, of being born. Continue reading “Choosing the Right Earrings For Your Baby”