How to Rock the Look with Piercings Pressure

Most People Have Thought Once In A Lifetime To Get It Pierced. It’s Because You Saw How It Looks Beautiful In A Friend Or Saw A Celebrity Take A Look With The Accessory (Who Does Not Remember The Nipple Ring Of Kendall Jenner, Kardashian Family, Which Drew The Attention Of All […] Continue reading “How to Rock the Look with Piercings Pressure”

Video Catching Pms Storing Explosives in Demonstrators’ Backpacks

Group participated in protest against increased public transport fare in São Paulo

A video released by the website Jornalistas Livre caught the moment when military police put explosives in the backpacks of protesters on Friday afternoon (8) in downtown São Paulo.The boys participated in the protest against the readjustment of the public transportation tariff in São Paulo.The amount went from R $ 3.50 to R $ 3.80 this Saturday (9). Continue reading “Video Catching Pms Storing Explosives in Demonstrators’ Backpacks”

Gifting Makes You Happy

Making the gift happy, is even scientifically proven.In the meantime, many studies have already focused on the question of how to make a happy life.We do not need all of these studies. After all, we know how this feeling can be felt.On the other hand, what we often need more urgently is a guide, which shows us the way to a suitable gift.But, I am quite sure, the ultimate guide to it, there will not be.At the same time also somehow reassuring to know.For who wants to be so transparent or can only be forced into certain patterns?So I at least not.And certainly not. Continue reading “Gifting Makes You Happy”

Tips to Organize and Decorate the Room of Studies

Check out the tips from Professor of Interior Design course of SFTP Silvana Souza to make the environment more organized and beautiful study

Have an organized and well decorated environment makes all the difference in the time to focus the energies to study. So the teacher Silvana Souza, the Interior Design course Tuiuti University highlighted some tips of colors, furniture and lighting to make your hobby room cozier. Check out! Continue reading “Tips to Organize and Decorate the Room of Studies”

Children’s Fashion Trends Summer

With the little interested in what happens in the fashion world, the parents, who are not so linked in the fashion universe, now need to be also an eye on global trends to be able to accompany their children on time to upgrade the closet of little people. For this, we will know which colors, prints and pieces coming in for the wish list of kids in 2012: Continue reading “Children’s Fashion Trends Summer”

How to Take Care of Scarf

Indicator of femininity, elegance and good taste. But how to deal with the fact that even high quality and expensive stuff over time lose their original appeal and freshness. To return the scarf of his “greatness” and a snow-white colour, first and foremost, is to find out the cause and degree of soiling.

Continue reading “How to Take Care of Scarf”

Claudina Winter Shoes

The brand of shoes your Winter 2011 prepared Claudina inspired contrary trends that will be hits of the season: the ladylike styles and masculine. As always, the collection appears dazzling and daring, reaffirming the name Claudina as one of the Brazilian brands of greater tradition in the luxury segment. Continue reading “Claudina Winter Shoes”

Vintage Loft with Natural Touches

Creative reform couple apartment in NY
It would be almost a sin to mischaracterize the architectural detailsof a apartamentocomo the couple James Ramsey and Jennifer Blumin. Located in the New York neighborhood of TriBeCa, the loft built in the 1830 ‘s full of charming details: old Windows, apparent brick walls and a roof all worked on Tin plates. Virtually time travel until 19 century. Continue reading “Vintage Loft with Natural Touches”

Illuminated Garden

With the proper light, the gardens are transformed during the night and are even more beautiful than in full sunlight

Enjoy a night Garden is a rare pleasure. With the arrival of the warm days of summer, the temperature gets cooler at night and the illuminated Garden makes an irresistible invitation to the external area. At sunset, you can gather friends to talk, dine al fresco or simply get carried away by the contemplation of silence and perfumes which some species exude only at these times of the day, but for a garden to be enjoyed and used at night, some rules need to be followed in order to determine the safety and effectiveness of external areas In addition to valuing them aesthetically. Continue reading “Illuminated Garden”

Sex and the City 3: They Came Back with All

The Fans Of The Series Sex And The City Are In The Party. Recently It Was Confirmed That The Third Film In The Franchise Is Going To Come Out, According To The Website “Radar Online. The Main Actresses Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Cynthia Nixon And Kristin Davis (Carrie, Samantha, Miranda And Charlotte, Respectively) Have Already Signed The Contract To Star In The Feature. E […] Continue reading “Sex and the City 3: They Came Back with All”

Winter Footwear – Fashion Trends

Fashion For Your Feet–Trends For Winter 2012

Trends for winter 2012 have already been officially launched and all the news are coming to stores throughout Brazil. Even with the heat running the summer, many women have programmed their purchases to the cold and wish all new betting next season. And if there’s one thing women love, is a new pair of shoes. When we use a couple of young, beautiful, super trend, it seems that we’ve been through the streets with more security and power. Continue reading “Winter Footwear – Fashion Trends”

How to Choose Glasses According to the Face

Or, the glasses say a lot about the personality of a person. And, therefore, should complement the look with style and elegance, highlighting the strengths of the face. The glasses also dropped in like fashion and have become a key accessory in any production, appearing in different forms, colors and styles.

The shape of the frame should suit the shape of your face. If you have the oval face, prefer a more rounded or oval frame; Continue reading “How to Choose Glasses According to the Face”

Climbing in the High Rope Garden at Night

That I suffer from mild fear of heights, I have stressed so often enough at this point. When Ander recently suggested the tackle high ropes course at the stone fort Adventure Park at night, I thought it would be a good idea… you can see Yes not how high is. So we found a us last Friday after work to tackle this adventure. Continue reading “Climbing in the High Rope Garden at Night”

Collezione Ops Object

For winter 2015 Ooops! Objects presented the new collection of watches and bracelets with stones and glittering crystals, all in new color versions for illuminating the cold season.

Ooops! Objects, known brand of fashion designer born in 2010, has won the domestic and international market with watches, accessories and jewelry, and ultra glam.

Continue reading “Collezione Ops Object”