With Signatures of Gui Boratto and Vintage Culture

Elekfantz’s original track, which is already one of the hits of summer, gets new versions with the face of the season!

Launched in November 2016, the track “Blush” marked Elekfantz’s return to studios three years after the duo’s debut album, “Dark Tales & Love Songs.”Marked by seductive vocals and strong synths that go back to the 80s and 90s, music is already one of the highlights of the Brazilian summer – besides being the track of “Summer Tales”, video recordings series of the shows and the backstage of the duo released Recently on YouTube’s Elekfantz channel.

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Thus Looks The BlackBerry Porsche Design P’9983

At this point in the film, BlackBerry Porsche Design P’9983 It is no secret, it is one of the four terminals expected for this 2014, and we had seen something about their appearance and specifications.

Today we have more accurate data, and some image that allows us to get to know the luxury of the Canadian company product. As you can see, is a model that combines the QWERTY keyboard -seems a norm on the new BlackBerry – and touch screen. As you might expect, will come with BlackBerry 10.3. Continue reading “Thus Looks The BlackBerry Porsche Design P’9983″

Afternoon Wedding: 21 Ideas of Decoration for Fall

Check out inspirational ideas to decorate the wedding in the afternoon with style and good taste.

The wedding decoration in the afternoon should be cheerful, romantic and cozy. It’s important to explore the vivid colors, the practical furniture, flowers and fruits to compose the environment. The nocturnal glamour assign space to a charming and intimate Outdoor celebration.

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Four BlackBerry Models on The “Road Map” 2014

Yes, the model that is more sounding’s Passport, but in BlackBerry There is more life than the square high-end phone, and a proof of this is the “road map” seeped into the image that we share.

In another company see phones planning always is interesting, but in the case of Canadians, that they are looking for a salutary lesson to succeed, is if it is most striking. Important to see the number of planned models. Continue reading “Four BlackBerry Models on The “Road Map” 2014″

5 Accessories for Photographing Jewelry in Still

Let’s assume you’ve entered the jewelry photography branch and don’t know how to lock the pieces or get rid of excess reflex. In this article I’ll show and talk about 5 accessories that you can do and will help you very much in the time to photograph jewelry in still.

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BlackBerry Passport, Your Specifications in The Air

The coming month is the month of Apple, It will also be the of Samsung, and to a lesser extent other companies who want to disturb them in doing smart mobile. Don’t forget to BlackBerry, also has completed a product so special as a Passport, which I am sure that it deserves a place in the market. Continue reading “BlackBerry Passport, Your Specifications in The Air”

How to Choose Sunglasses for the Younger?

The lens, which is the natural lens of the eye, is only fully formed around age 12. Thus, the child does not have any natural protection, does not tolerate UV rays. In order to take care of the eye health of the youngest, whenever it is sunny, it is advisable to wear sunglasses. Continue reading “How to Choose Sunglasses for the Younger?”

Editing in Jewelry Photography

Editing in jewelry photography can transform into a horror movie when we think of the image clipping. In fact, when we photograph a picture like the necklace below, the clipping can be considered a great terror. Besides scooter he’s very long, and time is money. The good news is that the photographer can find editors worldwide able to make a good image clipping. And with a good partnership you can pay a good value, like $1 per sliced image, for example.

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Griffin Montblanc Launches Its First Smart Bracelet for Traditional Watches

2014 was the year of smartwatches. This market, therefore, is very recent. So it’s not as saturated as smartphones. For this reason, we can still have new brands joining the team of smart watch manufacturers, bringing truly innovative ideas to the industry. And this is precisely the case with the Montblanc luxury watch brand .

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BlackBerry Presents Encouraging Results

Makers of BlackBerry they have presented the results for the first fiscal quarter of 2015 which ended last May 31. These figures include the 966 million in revenue which represent a 1% fall on the previous quarter: hemorrhage, it seems, is contained.

These revenues are 54% by BlackBerry (like messaging) services while 39% was due to the division of business smartphones ode. However, it is here where there has been an appreciable improvement: of the 2.6 million devices that BlackBerry sold 1.6 million, say, they were able to make income to reach the coffers of the company. Continue reading “BlackBerry Presents Encouraging Results”

Catrice 3 Step Nail System & Amp

From Catrice, there have been some new products since January and I have been keeping an eye on the nail polish and the new Revolutionary 3 Step Nail System. Diana had the great pleasure to go to the Catrice Event in Munich and to try out the new range already there. Afterwards, I was able to choose a few pieces from their goodies to test them for you. Almost at the same time, we both got a very special surprise, each one could choose a watch from Daniel Wellington. Which Diana selected has already betrayed in your week retrospect, mine you find here in the Post In the selection of the nail varnish I have adapted colorfully to this piece of jewelry and practical it were also exactly the varnish, which I in other reviews already than bookable would have.

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Watch May Become as Useful as Mobile

The launch of the Google wearable device system, Android Wear, and the Moto 360 watch is the first chapter of a possible transition from smartphone culture to smartwatch culture, says Lior Ron, the Motorola executive who leads the project The appliance.

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EMarketer: BlackBerry Will Lose One of Their Last Bastions, United Kingdom

The consulting firm eMarketer has revealed that the BlackBerry in the United Kingdom market share will fall below the Windows Phone before the end of the year, something that represents the loss of one of the great bastions that had Canadian company.

The fall of BlackBerry in the United Kingdom will be, as in other countries, notable, and according to estimates from the study at end of 2014 there will be 2.4 million users the mobile platform (6.5% share), while the number of users of Windows Phone will be 2.7 million users (7.5% share). At the end of 2013 BlackBerry had 3.6 million users in the Saxon country. Continue reading “EMarketer: BlackBerry Will Lose One of Their Last Bastions, United Kingdom”

The BlackBerry Passport Shows Us More Secrets through a New Video

It is expected that the BlackBerry Passport arise during the month of September, but this is one of those cases in which the company has been revealing gradually – and formally – more and more details about a device that is unique for the adopted format.

Indeed, John Chen, CEO of BlackBerry, already posed with one of these devices a month ago, and the registration for any period can be sure to be one of the first to have these devices already has been opened. But haun there is more: Now we have a new video showing some of the characteristics of this new smartphone. Continue reading “The BlackBerry Passport Shows Us More Secrets through a New Video”