OxygenOS Not Be Updated Until The Release of The 2 OnePlus 5.1 Android

When OnePlus launched OxygenOS a couple of months ago, one of the elements that they said they would be key in your new ROM was always have updated to the latest version of Android. But once again the Chinese startup has reneged on his word, and its users not only waiting to update Android 5.1, but that they will have to continue to do so during a season.

At least that is what has secured one of the employees of the company in a post on the official Forum of OnePlus, where said that they are already waiting for Google certification to launch CM12.1 with Android 5.1, but the new version of Google’s mobile operating system not come to OxygenOS until the OnePlus 2 is released.

According to this employee, this is true since the staff is currently working on the launch of the new OnePlus 2, It seems that it might be the final name of the mobile, and as the startup team is relatively small, in order to offer the best possible device they need to concentrate on one thing.

Even so, in the post also said that OxygenOS will soon receive a new build that await solve problems that are giving the touch screen, rather than come complaining about a lot of users in recent times.

Therefore, if you are users of OnePlus and have opted to give a chance to your new ROM I’m afraid that the Chinese company has reneged on his word, rather than of new at this stage it will not be a novelty for you. We hope that they will recover and that soon launch a 2 OnePlus that meets all expectations and desires.