Overweight Pregnancy

The advice to enjoy the pregnancy calmly are never enough.

From a medical point of view, there are those who can counsel women waiting with competence and professionalism; then there are a whole host of tips that one must take into consideration, so to avoid unnecessary risks and spend in a relaxed way the nine months before birth.

One of the problems of pregnant women is definitely linked to food: how to manage weight gain? Every woman knows, especially when they get the cravings to undermine the line, how important it is to stand up for its own good and for that of the child.

Recent studies have shown that overweight or obesity may lead to a premature birth.

The study of McMaster University in Ontario, then published in the journal British Medical Journal, has investigated the effects of excessive weight in pregnancy and noted that this may lead to a premature, most likely around the 32nd week.

The results speak volumes: during pregnancy, a woman overweight has 30% better chance of giving birth before the deadline demanded by a woman who instead maintains a weight-ideal shape.
The percentage rises to 70% for women with obesity problems.

The effects of excessive weight can also be reflected on the health of almost-mom in the strict sense, with the ascendancy of diabetes and hypertension.

The solution? Follow the dietary advice of your gynecologist and not exaggerate: proper diet during pregnancy can have very positive effects not only for the child’s health, but also for that of his mother. For example, avoid eating too much cheese during pregnancy.