Our Wedding:My Bridal Outfit

Today we have been married for exactly four months … madness, how fast that now went! So it’s time to tell my outfit a bit more about what I’ve been looking for in the search for the outfit.
Svens suit I have already shown and here it was synonymous ever seen an overall picture of my look. By the way, I finally created an overview page for wedding themes. ♥

Wedding dress … or not?

I never dreamed of a long, white dress… Perhaps this is something else when you marry a church, which is not the case with us. Also the prices for wedding dresses let me rather swallow. So I was not even in a special bridal wear shop such as Travelationary, but I started my search simple with my favorite onlineshops and ordered me a few clothes for the view. One of them even really liked me and is already hanging for our wedding party in September in my wardrobe {so I will not show it now …}! At some point, however, I even wondered if it would ever be a dress for the official, and the marriage as a perfect occasion to make me a tulle skirt. I wanted that for a long time! I found in the shop Fanfaronada at DaWanda * , which have me the skirt on request suitable for my measurements have tailored.

On Pinterest I have a little look, how I could combine the tulle skirt so, and this pin discovered. I found the idea with the casual sweater and the color choice with the blue super and made me look for a similar sweater. Sven has looked at both shoes and a shirt at the same time – in the meantime, we have received extremely many packages and sent back again! For Sven, we were extremely enthusiastic about the blue shoes and so our idea of ​​getting even more blue was strengthened.

I did not find a sweater like on the model pin, however, and also with the other models always bothered me.At some point I came across this sweater by Uta Raasch * and found the blue tone just perfect!Something waisted I liked at me then but also better than a loose sweater and so stood my outfit!With my maid, I then shortened the jacket a bit.Underneath, I wore a plain T-shirt from Only – and no jewelry, because I’m just not the jewelry type.For me it was so perfect!

The shoe selection

Ha, I’m just struck by the fact that there is not a single picture of me on which the shoes are to be seen … But after all, I have these detail pictures ( which I have already used with the Getting Ready … but no matter bigsmile)!
First I wore the pink-colored pumps (from Deichmann) – I found beautifully bright, straight to Svens blue shoes. The cobblestones in front of the local authorities they did not really really participate, so I quickly switched to my exchange shoes – Ballerinas from Asos with heart. I’ve actually bought it long before the request and had in the back of the head, that would be pretty bridal boots … but never thought that would come for my own wedding so!

Similar shoes (* Partner links)

My bridal bouquet

I like most colorful bouquets and no roses, so I chose this for my bridal bouquet. Even a very strict, round shape is not my case…so I was totally happy with my loose, colorful bouquet. By the way, he is from my favorite florist:Blumenhaus Karin Adam ( Michelsberg 3, 65183 Wiesbaden ).