Orly Smoky Collection Swatches

If the collection Blush Orly was inspired to make up the face, for autumn winter Orly decided to be inspired to make up eyes with a new, provocative and enigmatic collection of six glazes Orly Smoky.

A palette with refined and intriguing tones where beauty cheeky and charming of the most intense colors is softened by softer tones. The matte finish is mixed in the light of the glitter, the mix is ​​unreal and tremendously charming and the result is a balanced collection.

One of the favorite tricks is just the eyes Smoky eyes that makes it look bewitching with its deep hues and these glazes will attract attention as the smokey made ​​on the nails! We find out in detail the collection of enamels Smoky Orly.


– Edgy, antique bronze with gold shimmer micro, a glaze rich in reflections, in bronze mirrored black and gold… is hypnotic!

-Smoked Out, teal blue with iridescent green shimmer. Impossible not to love her seductive color and peculiar shades of its glitter, but what makes it really is a special enamel finish, it is a glittery matte, an oxymoron that makes possible a dream at your fingertips.

-Darkest shadow, black oil with ruby red shimmer, dense and bright as a red stars sky. A non-black black, a waterfall and pearly glitter… is nothing short of magical!

-Brush It On, shimmer duo-chrome, copper-pink color of a semi-transparent base. Orange copper plays and is reflected in the pink, delicate and full of reflections. Perfect with two drafts, or used as a top coat.

-Blend, creamy mauve taupe, sober and elegant. A very original tone, is the perfect combination of mauve and mud. Suitable for any occasion and it certainly will not go unnoticed.

-HighLigth, creamy pearl gray, very opaque lacquer finish with a solid color and firm. Very chic and perfect trend with the times!


The collection consists of Smoky Orly nail polishes very special tone, but fortunately do not create problems in the application, the only one that requires a little extra attention is Smoked Out, having a finish so special tends to be thicker and to dry very quickly, but once you’re comfortable with it you’ll be fine.


Also this time Orly won me, the quality is always good, as well as the duration and pigmentation.

Without a doubt my favorite glazes are Smokey Smoked Out with his incredible finish, Edgy and Darkest shadow with their microglitter are really flashy and sophisticated, but also I appreciate so much the more sober Blend, the color is gorgeous!

I remind you that Orly enamels, including new collections, are 3-Free: does not contain formaldehyde, toluene and DBP.


Where to buy? All products for nail care and collections of Orly glazes are distributed in Italy exclusively by Ladybird house. And ‘possible to buy them at the Orly VIP Center, the Ladybird Nail STORE, the Centers Nails Authorized Ladybird house and in the best beauty centers and spas. To find the nearest store, check the  store locator. There is also the Online Shop Orly, where you can buy all glazes, collections and Orly treatments. The Orly glazes are also available in the format Mini Kit with 5.4 ml glazes ideal as a travel kit.

Let me know which color you like best of Orly Smoky enamels online! I wait for your opinions!