Orange Maintains Its Level of Income Thanks to The Growth of Your ADSL

Whenever one of the three mobile operators with more history in Spain have presented their results have seen as revenues were reduced, by the crisis or because they are becoming more customers who opt for savings on your bills.

But Orange seems to have found the balance, because while their income by mobile phone and the sale of terminals have also lowered their best results in the fixed business they have achieved total revenues have grown shy 0.8% from the first quarter of 2012, 2013.

In the business Mobile Orange has a total of 12.179.000 customers, of which 398,000 correspond to Simyo, 69.7% of them corresponding to the segment’s contract, which has grown nearly 10 percent while prepaid customers declined 5.2%.

Where has grown more the French brand in its fixed services. Orange has already with 1.436.000 broadband customers, representing one 11.1% increase over the previous year but more importantly still, half of them have hired converged services.

The good figures of Orange contrast that showed Vodafone and Movistar, even in the last quarter, though they are away from the Telstra, with a growth in revenues of 19.2%. Now we must be attentive to details of Orange, which increasingly is betting more by rates without subsidization of Terminal.