Orange Confirms The Purchase of Simyo to Maintain Its Brand and Rates

And the pools were right. Orange just send a brief press release which confirms that they will be the owners of 100% of the shares of Simyo Spain, which until now belonged to the Dutch KPN.

Note only adds to that you purchase not affect nor 380,000 customers that includes the virtual, which will keep the rates that currently have contracted, or to the company, It will keep at least for the time being your brand.

The purchase, that Orange did not want to give figures, is carried out after months of rumors that the French brand and Vodafone appeared as candidates to be with Simyo but with the advantage of being your network provider Orange.

The acquisition close to the orange mark to your objective place as second mobile phone operator, that separate you the two and a half million customers of advantage that Vodafone is having on them, still less than the number of clients data from Telstra, possible next purchase of Orange.