Onkyo A-9155

Harmony in the guise of stereo

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Also with bulging produced rock a la AC/DC were confirmed: who flirts with the Onkyo, should pay attention when choosing boxes for good efficiency and rather bright and alive vote. Otherwise threatens boredom. Classical music rather conspicuous tart freshness of the Yamaha comes with crisp Sage a la “can’t stop rock ‘n’ roll” significantly less to carry. Pop listeners can join almost any box with proper efficiency under AK 65 the AX-397.

Speaking of a huge amount: the testers were curious of course on the phono inputs – enjoys the vinyl but also on HiFi-new and recovery clean increase of growing in popularity. Often, the extra levels but just cheap amp proved to rivets. The candidates for magnetic pickup (MM)-equipped convinced, however, also in this discipline. As a price adequate to player, Bernhard Rietschel wore the Pro-Ject RPM 1 (300 Euro) in the listening room. Fresh skilled to LPs of the US Stainless steel classic records and Cisco as “Aqualung” by Jethro Tull, “Aja” by Steely Dan, or “Tubular Bells” by Mike Oldfield (import: audio int’l, 069 503570) came just at the right.

The Onkyo celebrated the excellent again prepared rock classics left with right presence dominated voices or solo guitar playing. Where was the overtone gloss right matt. Enlightenment came from the lab: the input capacity is 520 Picofarad a bit high, what bends the frequency response to something. The rather restrained drums and almost staid basses of the A-9155 went rather to the account of the amp of of rest of.

Onkyo A-9155

Manufacturer Onkyo
Price €230.00
Rating 55.0 points
Test procedure 1.0

Technical data and test results

Dimensions (W x H x D) 43.5 x 12, 1 x
34.4 cm
Weight 6.8 kg
Genus (REC / GM) Integrated amplifier
Remote control available
System remote control / Adaptive /
Front panel Black / Silver / champagne / /
Front panel other FB. No
Tone controls / switched off /
Monitor switch
Recording selector switch audio
Network jacks switched / unswitched 2 / 0
Memory / storage automatic 0 /.
Sendersp. with aut. Sorting
Input phono MM / MC /
High level RCA inputs / XLR 2 / 0
Digital inputs RCA / XLR 0 / 0
Boxes outputs A + B / switchable /
Headphone Jack
Pre-Out / main 0 /.
Recorder connections (a / from) 2
Processor input / output /
Unity gain input
Pre-Out subwoofer 0
Measured values
True sine wave power stereo 4 ohm / 8 ohm 75.0 W / 53.0 W
Music performance stereo 4 ohm / 8 ohm 84.0 W / 59.0 W
Noise line 95.0 DB (a)
Well equipped, round and harmonious sounding entry-level amp.
Sounds too tame and limited
Sound MM 50
Sound MC
Sound RCA 55
Sound XLR
Facilities well
Operation Very good
Processing well
Sound judgment Middle-class 55
Price / performance Very good
tested in issue: 10 / 07