Onitsuka Tiger: Colorado 85

In my contribution to model no. 530xShoepassion.de I already wrote that I can not get enough of watches and shoes. Somehow, the Onitsuka Tiger must have come to his ears, or how else can one imagine the half of the new Nubuck Pack of Onitsuka Tiger has found its way to me. Okay, it was a little different, I showed my interest, as the sneakers just inspired me and I wanted to give you a few personal impressions.

So there is also a lot of photos to see in this post, so if you do not want to read for a long time, scroll a little through the photos and be inspired by the new sneakers, or not. At the end of the video you will also find a short video, which shows you impressions from a different perspective. Personally, I would naturally be interested in what you think and whether I should include such videos in future contributions. And also in this post, there is beside me again an admirer of the shoes, or rather the carton, in which the shoes were delivered.
Exactly on this I would now enter, the cardboard in which the Colorado 85 sneaker arrived is nicely minimalist designed. Very plain in black and the white Onitsuka Tiger logo in the middle. Also here I will pick up the carton again to keep the shoes in it, if I do not wear it. For the storage of shoes will surely follow an article soon, after all, I will not be the only one who owns several sneakers and has to stow them somewhere.
But now we are talking about the really interesting, the contents of the carton, the Colorado 85 in the color combination Navy/Atomic Blue. The upper of the sneaker is held in a chic, dark or navy blue, with colored accents in the form of Atomic Blue stripes. On some of these stripes, orange seams are again attached, which further highlight the Atomic Blue stripes. In the Upper of the Colorado 85 from the Nubuck pack, Onitsuka Tiger is based on premium nubuck leather, whose quality is, in my opinion, not only qualitative but also looks.
The Colorado 85 is available in the Nubuck Pack in a further color variant: Brown/Slight White. The price is 120 € for each variant.The design of the sneaker originated from the jogging and fitness hype of the 80s and was designed as a lightweight trail running shoe for extended outdoor activities. But also in everyday life, combined with a casual jeans, the shoe makes a lot of.

Now enjoy the further impressions in the form of photos and thinks at the end of the article there is still a short video to the Onitsuka Tiger: Colorado 85 from the Nubuck Pack. More information about the sneaker itself will be available soon on the website of our site.