On 13 August Know MIUI 7, The New System Operating Xiaomi

MIUI, the layer of software that use Xiaomi mobiles will have an impending renewal. Many had hoped that with my Note or the Mi4i (their two big releases in telephony this year) we saw a new version of MIUI and Yes, we did it with the sixth version where the most substantial changes was to use base Lollipop and not KitKat.

The Chinese company has announced that coming, on 13 August, the week will present in society 7 MIUI. A renewal of their software that has a difficult task ahead: to remain attractive and get to the height of pure Android both specifications and design.

When MIUI began to take its first steps was to layer brought many changes to Android. It was groundbreaking with respect to what Gingerbread and Froyo had to offer in his day but Google got the batteries to put Android in the place it deserved: a beautiful, functional and attractive system for the user. MIUI continued to evolve over the years but has finished falling a little behind.

7 MIUI has a unique opportunity ahead: return to pick you up the pulse of Android and demonstrate that they can make an attractive and functional software layer. Not only that, being the best and which plant you care to Google. A difficult task because Xiaomi once decided to move away from the lines of Material Design.

At the moment we do not know anything else and the design of the invitation with the number 7 give to understand that spot colors will again be protagonists. Remains to be seen what design line choose and if they are closer to Material Design or the simpleton appearance of iOS. In a few days we will know.

Another unknown is the number of terminals Xiaomi It will be updated. In principle, it is expected that all models this year renew is as well as the previous ship logo, Mi4. We will see if the range of innings also follow his steps. We’ll tell you all about this new version of MIUI soon.