Omega Speedmaster Watch

Prestige brands have bet on increasing market presence. Examples are Omega, Swiss watchmaking firm which recently expanded its spectrum in the country with the opening of two new exclusive shop in shops within the EVE of Paseo Alcorta and Puerto Madero jewelry.

This premium watch has an expansion plan. “We will continue ampliándonos in a strategy based on a network of points of sale to show fully the creativity of our models and technological development,” explained Hernan Diaz, commercial director of Chronex Group, official representative in Argentina of Omega.

The cost of each shop in shop is around $ 50,000, while for a boutique investment exceeds $ 250,000.

Regarding the expansion of the brand, Diaz added, “Since its founding in 1848 the company has been defined by its pioneering spirit The Omega Speedmaster, for example, it is a legendary and world famous watch for his starring role as it has been. of all space missions piloted NASA since 1965 including all six lunar landings. it is also closely linked with sports timing and has been an Olympic official timekeeper in 24 editions since 1932, the last in Beijing and Vancouver (Winter Games). But also has been developing a strategy to promote luxury image based on a network of outlets that show in its fullness creativity and technology models. in this regard, and the success that is marked worldwide in Argentina reinforces this commitment, which is specified with the constant commitment of new outlets. ”

In late 2010 he opened a space in the jewelry Chronos Tortugas Open Mall, and now added two new shop-in-shops.

According to Tucsonsmartwatches, local investment in smart watch will also depend on the sectors and the visibility you want to give each jewelry brand, since it is considered furniture, windows and signage as inputs that everyone must respect corporately. Then you need to keep in mind that the clocks to be displayed on consignment will be delivered to each customer.

On local looking, Diaz said to be spaces that offer the consumer the first class equipment and allow personalized attention, in coordination with global corporate guidelines that the brand retains, either in opening its own boutiques or businesses own. “The public will see very significant pieces, as the watch reached the moon, the Seamasters (chosen by James Bond and professional divers watches) and Speedmasters sports, in addition to the classic Constellation and De Ville collections, among their ambassadors actors George Clooney, Daniel Craig, Cindy Crawford and Nicole Kidman, among others. ”


On the market in which they operate, he says the segment in Argentina is constantly growing. “The public is renewed, adds new tastes, preferences and pleasures, but above all is increasingly demanding.

In this sense, jewelries always maintaining or growing the business, as consumers, whether local or foreign, is a person who knows what to buy, estimated cost and is willing to pay. “Therefore, economic downturns in this category do not feel as much as in others. In particular, our brands choose Argentina to present their models in Latin America because, although not as large in quantity sales, denotes a line at the regional level in fashion and trends, “he argued Diaz.

For 2012 the expansion plan envisages the opening of the first Omega boutique in the region that will be in the Patio Bullrich. At the opening party estimated that the ribbon cutting will be conducted in person the spectacular Cindy Crawford, official brand ambassador since 1995. There will also be new shop in shops in the Danfer jewelry, Belgrano neighborhood; another in Cormery jewelry, Pilar, and the third in the Work jewelry, Rosario.